Hello from Cieza!! :)

Hi everyone!! I’m Ann, and I’m from Spain :slight_smile:

This formun looks cool!! Hope it help me with my harmonica ^^

About me! I NEED music to survive (well…just the music I like) xD I love Country, Bluegrass, Folk… and there’re many songs I’d love to play with my harmonica Ü
…about my equipment… I have a hohner “ms blues harp” in C and another one that I don’t even know where it is xD I only know it had 24 holes :S
I DON’T know to much about teory of music, I play guitar and I have a piano crying of loneliness in the dark corner of my bedroom hahhaha (poor boy)

…and that’s all! (I think o.o)
Nice to meet everyone nice to meet me :wink:
[Sorry for my english…]

Ann Stringtone

Your English sounded fine to me! I’ve lived in the USA my whole life…and I’m still working on the language! lol

Glad you joined us, and make sure and ask any questions you might have!


Welcome! You’ll find lots of harping friends here! Lots of help to get you started!

Thank you for the welcoming guys!! ^^