Hello from England

Another old un here,
I’m in Suffolk on the East Coast of England, retired with too much time on my hands.
I can’t carry a tune in a bucket although I played the triangle in the school music class aged 7, (I forgot to ding when I should have but not to be outdone, I put it in at the end), that was the first and last time.
I’ve since tried the Ukulele and failed so with my false teeth securely stuck in place, maybe this will be third time lucky.

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Hello ,Im Mac, from the Blues’ie North East of England ,frustrated poor guitar player ,brand spanking new beginner with the Harmonica , 70 but still rock’n

You can do this Bobby65. I’m making progress for certain, although I had a music history like yours. Any lessons by JP Allen will get you moving along. Like most new things, practice makes perfect.

Thanks for the shout Mac, same coast just a bit lower down. we’ll get there fingers crossed.

Hi NinoMalo
Practising but running out of puff :slight_smile:

I’ve watched videos on JP’s site and YouTube on how to breathe while playing. They helped me greatly. It’s an art.

I’ve tried to find a link, but haven’t so far, I’ll post some when I find where I saved the list.

Hi all, I’m Peter from Liverpool, England.
I have been interested in learning the harmonica for years and have about 5. I have struggled trying to learn from various instruction books and YouTube lessons, I am now trying using JPs Happy Harpin’ hopefully this time it will work out for me, as I would love to be able to play some of the blues tunes I love listening to.

Hi Peter
I’ve got two harmonicas (A & C ) Best I can manage at present is the Walk on the wildside but I’m optomistic :slight_smile:

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That’s more I can do, as I say I am using the Happy Harpin course and got up to lesson 16 but then life took over and I went months without doing anymore, so I have started again from the beginning this weekend. I am determined to stick with it this time.

Give this a look and you will see how I can play it lol

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I’ll have to have a little go of that one myself especially since there is no single notes, I can’t get single notes yet.

Stick with it old guy. I started 1.5 years ago at the age of 70. There were times when I thought ‘this is no fun, why am I doing this?’ and there were some times when I felt somewhat pleased with the way things went. I am now at a point that the ‘mechanics’ of playing is somewhere in the background and tunes have been played over and over to the point of not having to think so much about where the notes are and if they are blow or draw.This allows me the freedom me to put character into notes being played, resulting in a nice tune with character throughout. Tunes are easier to learn now too. This fun/enjoyment is my current reward for sticking with it.

I play with a Special 20. I recently purchased a Golden Melody but I’ll be returning it. The sound is much too clean.

One of the more recent songs I’ve learned was written bu a fellow countryman of yours: “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”.

  • Scotty

Hi Scotty
Thanks for the encouragement, I’m determined that I’ll get there. Just mastered the train whistle on fast tempo from Luke’s intro video so hope for me yet.

Originally, I was born and bred in Bristol, moved to Portsmouth area and been in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada for past 30 odd years. Turning 70 this year, I have been learning harmonica for past 9 months. Anybody interested in having a Jamming session via ZOOM or some other means?