Hello from Florida

Just a warm hello from Florida. A new player.

And a brrreee howdy back atcha from up north! :wink:

“Have Harp, Will Travel!” 8)

Welcome from farther up north than Street Player (He’s from PA. and I’m from Upstate NY).


Hello, and I’m from Texas! Where the only thing between us and the North pole is a barbed wire fence! ;D

Hi PapaG,

Welcome to you from up here in Connecticut where we just got dumped on 2 feet of snow.

Spring is right around the corner!

Harp On!!

Howdy! Good ta meet ya!
I’m in Nebraska currently…where the constant wind blows!
–Burning Thunder

Hey PapaG

and Aloha from Hawaii. Thanks for joining the Forum, I think you’ll enjoy the ride.

Your harmonica buddy,


Also from Florida! Welcome aboard.