Hello from Italy

Hi everyone,
I’m Marco, I’m 47 and I’ve been playing the harmonica for a month (play is a big word, I’m actually blowing and drawing through it). I’m a big Bob Dylan fan and a month ago, listening to Sad-eyed Lady of the Lowlands I decided point blank to try and play the harp. Even though I’m pretty busy with work and family (well, who isn’t), I manage to have 45-60 minutes of practice every day.
My main references in learning are JP bundle, Harmonica Academy and obviously a lot of material that can be found on the net. You can say I’m still in an “orienteering” phase.
The destination is far and I’m not too young, but I think it’s the journey that matters and the fun you can find in it.
Thanks for reading.

Marco Benevelli
Modena - Italy

Welcome. I own a very fine product that came from Italy, a Beretta 92F Compact. One of the nicest handguns I’ve ever owned, you guys sure know how to make firearms over there.
If you’ve not already gotten one give a Lee Oskar Harmonic Minor harp a try. They have a great European sound to them that should fit perfectly into Italian music. See you on the forum. :wink:

Pleased to meet you!

Yessir, Italy has great food and guns!


Ciao e benvenuto il mio amico, Marco!

You by any chance know these guys:

turboslide DEMO part 1.wmv

turboslide part2.avi

Turboslide part3

Divertimento e sorrisi :slight_smile:

Buona fortuna e grazie! 8)