Hello from Italy

hi all,sorry for the way i speak english…i’m 16 years old,i’m italian exactly from Rome :slight_smile: i bought a “hohner special 20” 5 days ago…i’m learning this fantastic musical instrument with a guitarist friend of mine,and i recommended it to all…so, i hope to find many useful tips to learn :slight_smile:

welcome to the group! Ask away, we’ll figure this thing out together!!!

Glad you’re hear!

This is a worldwide forum, so heck with the languages!

Ask any questions!


Yeah, but ask in English. I don’t speak Worldwide.
Howdy and welcome to the family.


Welcome is a universal language. Have fun and welcome to the forum.

I am a Valentino Rossi fan myself. I think he may be riding that Ducati a little too hard.

I would like to welcome you from across the pond. It is a great opportunity to meet wonderful people and learn new things. Enjoy meeting you, and happy harp in.