Hello from Kentucky

Hello everyone. I’m new to harmonica and want to learn. I bought 4 Hohners off of my local Craigslist. They were listed separately by the same seller. I bought all 4 at a discounted price which I thought was very reasonable. They seem to be older but in good condition. I hope I can find out a little info or how to date them and also to learn to play with some of your help here.
Thanks much. Mark

Thought I would add a little more info of what I bought.
Hohner Chromonica 280 C. with black hard case red interior
Hohner Chrometta 12 255/48 M G with black soft case
Hohner Echo Key of C. With yellow soft vinyl case
Hohner Big River Harp Key of A with white hard case.

I paid $100 for all 4. Any info would be greatly appreciated. I hope they are decent harmonicas.
Thanks again.