Hello from London UK

Hello everybody,

Just wanted to say Hi, & to introduce myself to you all, as you’ve probably guessed, I’m from London England, & my names Tony.

I tried playing the the harmonica for about 3 months about two years back, & got frustrated with it & left it in the draw.

BUT Im determined to try again, :wink: & have just ordered the JP Allens DVD set which im looking forward to. & ill be keeping you all informed on how im getting on.



Pip, pip, cheerio, Tony O from London! Hehehe!

Feel free to search/read through our posts and threads as they offer plenty of inspiration and encouragement to keep you going.

Might want to begin here to get you started:




Keep On Harpin’!

Pleased to meet you!

Best of Luck!


Welcome Tony, but don’t leave it in the draw. You have to blow to get some of those notes. Harharhar. (Redneck humor):slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum! You will find good advice and lots of encouragement here. Don’t be a stranger!
The talk has slowed down a bit since SPD ZAPPED and deleted all our imaginary friends! hehehe

A) Clearing out the field to make more room for all my imaginary girlfriends!

B) The forum and all its posts/threads have been/are generated through the mind of one lone individual – Is it you? “At the signpost up ahead – You’ve just entered: The Twilight Zone!”

C) Waiting for the day when I/you/us wake up only to discover it was all a dream ala the Dallas shower scene; the Bob Newhart & St. Elsewhere series’ finales, respectively!

D) Talking to all our imaginary friends is just plain crazy, isn’t it? “No, it’s not.” “Yes, it is.” No, it’s not.” Yes, it is!” “Yes, it is.” “No, it’s not.”

Woo-hoo! Woo-hoo! Mwuahahahaha!!

Its sounds like im going to be right at home here LOL :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

The pub down the hill on the corner ain’t too bad either…

Oops, sorry, was talking about my home (other second) – hehehe!

But hey, if the pints fit (your hand) – drink up! Mwuahahaha!!!

“Have Harp, Will Travel!” 8)

The talk has slowed down a bit since SPD ZAPPED and deleted all our imaginary friends!
Well PB, just to give you that little vicarious thrill of what zapping feels like --

Imagine yourself as a lightning bolt and…well here, take a look-see for yourself:


Yeah, it’s something like that! Mwuahahahaha!!!


Shimminy Crickets! What an experience!

I read one of the comments, and talked about a dude that was drinking his coffee, the lightening stuck, and the coffee disappeared! ROFL!


Well me figures, it was either caused by that big hairy monster on the wing from Terror At 20,000 Feet!

Or –

By them mo!$$@r fu#!@@)ng Snakes on this mo!$$r fu#!$%ng Plane!

So your guess is as good as mine! :stuck_out_tongue:


I remember the report about the ranger (I believe he was a park ranger) who had been struck many times. He became so wary that when a storm approached, his superiors expected him to drive out of range of the storm. Once after driving away from a storm area, he noticed a small cloud approaching. He said he got down in the floor of the car and still got hit. He was on one of those shows from a while back like “That’s Incredible.” That IS incredible. He had one of his ruined hats from a lightning strike. How did his head not get split like the hat…maybe it did. Not a fun happening. I remember fishing miles off shore when a sudden strorm blew up. You can’t retreat fast in a small boat on big water. It was a bad feeling realizing we were the tallest thing for miles and were holding graphite “lightning rods.” Coulda been playin differnt kindsa harps.


Hey Tony,

I’m glad to hear that you’ll be trying out my lessons…I’d be really excited to hear how you do with it. Shoot me an email and let me know how you’re progressing. Have fun!

Your harmonica buddy,