Hello from Mexico

Hello there!

I just signed in the forum about 1 month ago, but the work didn’t let me introduce my self.

I’m Andres from Mexico city, (so don’t blame me for my English, I know I need a lot of practice) and I’m learning to play this little thing named harmonica (harp for the buddies)

About 8 years ago I learn to play the guitar, but the work, my 3 biggest treasures (wife and 2 little daughters) gets all my time, so I couldn’t play the guitar so often, and then surfing in the web, I discover the harp, and think I must have to try…

My wife gift me a Hohner Blues Band in C but here in Mexico very few people knows how to play the harp, so start searching in the web, finally discover this pages, that motivated me every day to continue practicing, and here I am.

So see you around and happy harpin’ ;D

You will find lots of helpful lessons on www.youtube.com
Good luck on your harmonica journey!


Check on YouTube for free lesson videos. JP Allen has quite a few. And don’t forget to check out JP’s DVD Bundle. The advantage I found with JP’s instruction is that he starts with the basics before going to learning songs.

Others you might want to check out on YouTube are; Dan Gage, Jason Ricci, and Adam Gusson.


Hola Andres! Beinvenido, Mi Amigo!

Your Englaise is okie-dokie…Better than my Tex-Mex Espanola! Jajajaja!!!

When I lived down Mejeeco Way, way back when, I recall playing harmonica on a street corner – and a caballero gave me 5…dollares no pesos! Jajajaja!

Maybe if/when I ever head back there again, we can hook up and start a Mariachi harpin band for the senoritas, with your wife’s permission of course! Yeah buddy!

Well until then:


Have fun!

Hey Andres…Welcome aboard.
Watch the Tex/Mex jokes Spud. I was born in Texico.
We have good fun here Andres, and you may find your English is better than some of ours.


Yeah, I was gonna say, your english seems alright to this American!
Welcome,and the Best of Luck on your harpin’ Journey!
Peace Out!


Thanks all for this amazing welcome, I didn’t expected, and I appreciate that.

paulbunyn & Jimus --> Yes I’m watching a lot of videos, and saving money for buy the JP bundle, I expect that in the next months I could afford it.

Street Player Dude --> A Mariachi harpin band for the señoritas sounds great! and let me now when you are visiting Mexico city, it would be amazing hook up, I will give you a tour and show a lot of amazing places here

thebugleboy & Burning Thunder --> Thanks I try to improve my English and my harp abilities

See you around and happy harpin’ ;D

Oh yes sir! This community is very helpful, welcoming, and it just plain rocks!

Hey Chiprut,

I think you speak and spell better english than me (and my mother was an english teacher)…
I’m glad you decided to give harmonica a try, I think you’ll enjoy the ride. Best thing would be if you play for your daughters while they dance around, that way you get to practice more and and your daughters have fun…and maybe oneday, they’ll want to join in!

Have fun,