Hello from Milwaukee

Been wanting to learn Harp forever - in addition, have been seeking an activity to stimulate the right side of my brain! Eventually decided to pull the trigger, did some research and got my first Harp (Lee Oskar key of C) about 6 months ago - along with a book on how to play harmonica - well after 4 months of frustration I started surfing the web, saw some of JP’s lessons on youtube and was sold, bought the course about a month ago - am busy with “Ode to Joy”. What a learning experience! It’s really like a one-on-one lesson!

I would love to be able to jam and really enjoy the harp, am pushing the envelope in patience, patience patience - actually it’s been great just from that perspective - with music noting is “instant”…

I have also bought a Special 20 in key of C - unfortunately I don’t get anywhere near the success as with the Lee Oskar - lots of “air” with the Special 20! The voyage of discovery has now pushed me to look at other alternatives as I grow - so recently got a Seydel Blues Session Steel - also in C - WOW! What a great instrument. As I grow into getting other keys this is the brand I’m going to be sticking with - great sound - bending (although I’m a real novice at that) is coming a lot easier than with the Special 20 - the Lee Oskar is somewhat “easier” - but I have a looooooooong road to travel in the bending arena…

I am trying as best I can to stick with the Happy Harpin’ program - although I have purchased the Blues from the Vault as well and could not keep away from the bending - especially after the Happy Harpin’ intro!

Overall - I can’t say enough enough about the quality and method of JP’s tuition - certainly seems a recipe for success for me!

Anybody working with JP’s material in the Milwaukee area?


Been spinning my wheels on getting those “sweet notes” on Ode to Joy, so have taken some steps back - realized that I was way too “tight” in the mouth, learning to relax and practicing that - am already seeing improvement! Also keep wandering off to try the bending - just can’t resist it!

Modified my last comment and posted before I realized that I could reply as an update! Would like to add that I got the Seydel 6-set Blues Session Steel Winter edition for Christmas - this has now really got me fired up!

Should I be posting my conversations on/in a different forum?