Hello From Roswell

Hello everyone. I’ve been testing the “Harp” waters for several months and decided to train with J.P. I’m an old fella that lives in Roswell, New Mexico. I’m a retired broadcaster from Las Vegas, Nevada. I enjoy riding my motorcycle, shooting and playing my violin. I find Harmonica music sweet and haunting and have no explanation why it’s taken me so long to finally learn it. I own a couple of Hohner pro harps and have a special 20 on the way. I’ll be ordering J.P.'s course a bit later in the day. I’ve looked this forum over the last couple of days and decided yesterday to join. I will have several questions just as soon as I gather my thoughts together in the coming days. Anyway, just wanted to say hi for now and let you know I’m here.

Best Wishes,


G’day, Me Lord!

Always liked when my truck trips took me on through ye olde UFO Highway in your neck of the woods.

And Las Vegas has always been one of my favorite places to stomp as well.



Keep On Harpin’!

Welcome to our group! Looking forward to hearing from you and sharing with you.
We look forward to hearing your questions when you are no so spaced out! :smiley:

G-Day me Lord. I love it. Thanks for the welcome my good fellows. The day is ending and the course has been ordered. I’m looking forward to speaking with you in the future. Be well.


Pleased to me you LRS!

Feel free to ask any questions!

Peaec Out!