Hello from st.louis,new to the forum!

Hi my name is jeff & and i been goofin around with a harp for severals years.I just turned 44 and got a new lee oscar for my b-day.i have owned a golden melody for years and never could get that soulful sound i was looking for.The oscar sounds great ,and now im ready to get serious about learning. Im trying to save up and get JPs lessons.I can only play one song , the wizard by black sabbath.Looking for some free downloads of tabs . Do you know where to get some? thanks for your time ,jeff from the show me state!!!

Hey Jeff,

Let me be the first to say, “HOWDY!!!”.

Happy B-Day. I think it was a good choice on the Lee Oskar. My favorite, but subject to change.

I am a little South of you in Dallas.




HEY chris from dallas . Your my first reply since i joined .Thanks for your reply back chris. I work 2nd shift & get home late. AND my family is asleep ,so i wind down and research harp stuff at night when its quiet. I dont no any thing about keys or notes, i just play by ear.IM always looking for advice on anything about harmonica.IM just a beginner.I bought a oscar major in g looking for that soulful sound . ITS better than my old golden melody in c .HOW well can you play&and with what harp ? Im thinking about buying a special 20 or a susuki manji .as for as music goes i like blues , rock, and country.the only song i know is the wizard by black sabbath. i like old old country like geoge jones ,willy.& anything with real meaning!!! I am looking forward to talking to all you harpsters out there.Does any body out there thing a special 20 or manji is a good choice, or do they sound the same? Thanks for your time chris ,jeff

Welcome Jeff! You can’t go wrong with the Special 20 it will do everything you ask of it. I cannot comment on the Manji, I have never played on but I hear they are excellent. Some people, mostly beginners, don’t care for the protruding reed plates on the Manji, it’s not such a big deal once your lips are toughened up from playing awhile. Kind of like sore finger tips on a beginning guitar player.
As far as song tabs go try: www.harptabs.com www.harpinanawhinin.com There are many more just do a search for “Harp tabs” in your search engine.
When playing tunes, the key only matters if you are playing along with a tune or other instruments. Say you learn a song on a “G” harp, you can play the same song on the same holes on any other key harp. You will just be playing the song in a different pitch.
Good luck with your harp playing and make a post here when you run into trouble. Lots of good people here willing to help you out!


I have not been here long, but this just does not seem like a very lively forum. From the responses I have had I get the feeling there is some depth here, but it may be a couple of days before you get noticed. To everyone’s credit, they are probably playing more harmonica and less computer.

HOW well can you play&and with what harp ?
I can hold my own at blues jams and coffee shop acoustic sit-ins. I usually get a couple of people, in various degrees of intoxication, come up and tell me I’m great, but I know better. What it is (is), I have a fairly large collection of riffs I have stolen from any and every harmonica player since they started recording music. And, we live in a great time for stealing riffs. Before YouTube, I used to have to go to record shops and actually purchase the records, thus enriching someone else who had stolen it from the original harmonica play. When I can play Chopin on a Chromatic in Bass Hall for the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra, the first drunk that comes up and tells me I’m great, I’ll say “Damn Right”.

On the subject of what harp?, I have a lot of them. 30 years worth. But, my favorites are the Lee Oskars, with Suzuki Pro Harps (10 hole diatonic) running a close second. I have all the major keys (several duplicated across different brands), 6 or 8 Lee O. Natural Minors, several Chromatics in G, C, F (CX12) and A(cracked comb, damnit). I have not tried any of the Lee O. Harmonic Minors yet. The thing I like about the Lee Oskars is that they are loud enough to be heard (with no amplification) in a crowded bar, if you are so inclined, and you can go all the way down to a whisper and still get the same crisp, clean tone. And, got to have the replaceable reed plates. I have not tried Seydel yet, but stainless steel reeds have caught my attention. I’m gonna have to try those.

It sounds like you are on your way. G was a good choice. I think this might be in G.

Sugar Blue - Another Man Done Gone

I honk something a little like this with a G, anyway. I believe he is using a Hohner Marine band 365 (maybe even the Steve Baker custom), which has 14 holes, so you/we won’t get the lower stuff. I have 2 of the 365’s, but the wood combs makes them disposable or consumable, take your pick, and at ~$70 apiece it adds up fast. Really nice harps and possess a sound you will not get anywhere else. I think in works in Ab (John Mayall?) as well.

Thieven Heathen, Sounds like your well established, with a lot of skills! I cant play very well.Ive had a golden melody in c for about 5 years &would try a listen to songs & try and match it,but my harp sounded wrong.So to answer your question , I dont play good at all just really learning and studing very simple riffs.I can only play the song the wizard by ozzy.And im really in to to blues. So i did my research and bought a lee oscar major in g. IT sounds so much better.thinking about buying a special 20,i here nothing but good things about them.Im 44 years old and grew up on old blues and country,songs with heart& soul.So im devoted to learning & getting any advice .the best thing i think is just practice &practice!! Thanks for your reply man , I appreciate it.

i just bought a special 20 in G.

nice sounding .
it has a nice neil young sound .jamming blues sounds great

the manji’s tighter reeds , but hit single notes easier…
and a little cleaner sound.it makers a horn sound thew my small modified amp… .

a small amp may help for loudness and sound . no need to blow the harp apart .

so the special 20 sounds like the way to go.Ronnie shellist aknown dud on you tube suggested a manji .I emailed him and said get a special 20 or a manji , still undecided . leaning more towards the 20.