Hello from Tennessee

hey everybody.

i have been harping for 6 months with JP’s help. i have a long way to go, but i am very pleased with my progress thus far.

i registered today because i had an AH HA moment and i had to share it. i will post it in another thread in the proper section.

happy harping… 8)

Howdy Tennessee!


We’ll be here!


Keep On Harpin’!

thanks SPD. have read some of your posts. too bad you don’t have much to say you seem like an ok guy :o :o

Thanks, man…

Appreciate it…

Yeah, I really should learn how to open up more around here…

My being shy and all, y’know…

Not a bad place though if I do say so myself…

Rock on, yo!

What part of Tenn. are you from?

I’m in Hardeman Co.

Hi there and welcome,
I glad that I don’t live in Tene Tennesee Tennerssee cos I’ve never been able to spell that word ! ;D

That’s OK Pestmaster,
Our boards of edumacation kaint spell it neither.
And watt kinda pests are you the master of anyways? tehehe

I’m Master of the Termite… pity I’m no master of the Harmonica yet!

there no Master of the Harmonica, IT CONTROLS US! It takes over our minds, time and wallets. Someone pointed out during a family/friends holiday party he was enjoying the party but couldn’t help but keep looking over at his harp and guitar on its stand beckoning him the whole time.
Welcome to the harmonica and have a pleasant addiction and a happy new year!

i am in Hamilton county. just north of Chattanooga.

To bad! I was hoping to have found someone local to harp with.
Well welcome to the forum and hope we can be of heelp to you. It won’t be long you’ll need to change yer handle!


Hey Tennessee man!

Glad you’ve made some connections…and I’m really stoked that your working with the lesson plan and having some revelations…

Harp on!


hey thanks JP. i hope you dont mind me ripping the audio from your dvds to mp3 so i could practice while i drive. makes hand vibrato a bitch, but i try to practice throat vibrato and i “shake” the harp against my lips and get some really cool, what i call, “driving vibrato” lol

thanks for the support and encouragement from you and all the peeps here.

i am enrolled in harmonica academy. and i joined harmonica club. i love the idea of web cam jams lol. say hi if you see me ;D

Howdy and Peace out Bro!
Take life easy and best of luck on yourr harpin’ journey!