Hello from Texas

I have been playing less than one year and so far it has been fun.
I am trying to “bend” notes like I hear on some youtube videos but apparently I have a ways to go. So right now my game plan is just to practice practice and more practice.


Seems we’re becoming over-run with Texans…But can never have enough around here! Hehehe!

One interesting A-Ha Eureka Moment I had about bending is:

Regardless of all the clips, recordings, etc. on bending, even JP’s lessons on the subject – Because of a natural distortion in such things, there will be differences between what you hear and what you think you hear.

Meaning, if/when you hear/see someone playing live with bending, you can more easily reproduce those sounds.

In lieu of playing live with someone else, just know that the bending will at first sound funky to you until your ears get accustomed to it. And using a tuner, or two as JP suggests, will help you know you’re doing it correctly or getting better at it!

Hope this helps!

Welcome Tex!


Keep On Harpin’!

Sounds like a good plan!

Welcome, and Best of Luck!


Welcome to our group!