Hello from the UK!

Hello fellow harpists!

I guess a little story is in order.
My profile may say that I have been harping since April of this year but I think I had my Lee Oskar just a bit short of 3 years where I had a beginners book that taught me the mistake of turning your face into iron by puckering. At first I thought I just thought hey I’m just starting, I’ll relax soon after I get a bit more practise, about 3 months afterwards it just sat on my desk, in it’s plastic black box, unloved. That was during the period when I was on the piano and still had space and time to practise.

About 2 and a half years later ,I lost a great deal of dexterity on the piano (as I kept on switching place to place being a university student with no access to a piano). I then noticed the black box gathering dust on the corner of my desk. I opened the box, cupped the harmonica in my hands…

fast forward

After doing some research I finally stumbled upon JP Allen’s instructional bundle and the lee oskar has now evicted my keys from the front pocket! it’s fun to now that you can suprise just about anyone in the street by pulling a harmonica out of your pocket.

Greetings from Jacob Lee from the UK, exploring the voice of the harmonica ;D

Just plain fun, ain’t it, Jacob Lee from the UK?!



Keep On Harpin’!


Best of Luck!

Peace Out!


Greetings back at you and howdy and welcome!


Hey Jacob,
great story…loved reading your post, and tapping into your new found enthusiasm for harmonica. Hope you keep with it, and spread the joy.

Your harmonica buddy,