Hello from Virginia

This adventure is exciting. Dabbled with clarinet (mom), piano (mom), alto sax (me); all to no avail. Let’s face it, as a beginner, some instruments are hard on the neighborhood (reed instruments, ouch) or aren’t portable enough to whip out whenever (piano, shocking right?) and therefore difficult to practice. And expensive (all of the above). :-[ Fast forward. Goofin’ on the net, checking some tubes and come across this JP guy. Lots of energy. Sounds really kewl! Can practice softly and anywhere. Yet I tried one of those things after getting it as a stocking stuffer one year and it didn’t do anything. :-\ But wait. Watched some of JP’s freebies. This can work! Ordered a harp. Goofed some more. Kinda sounds like somethin’. ;D Took the dive and ordered the course. Whoa! It does work!!! ;D Added a Hohner Special 20 (as suggested by JP). Very KEWL! :wink: If you’re willing to do the time (which I think most of us always have been), and commit to the lesson plan (we have a great teacher who can show the way), this course will finally let you master a musical instrument without offending the hood or breaking the bank in the process. I’m only getting started but I’ve already practiced and played more in the last two weeks than in the last 20 years! I think I’m finally on my way. [glow=red,2,300]This adventure is exciting[/glow]. 8)

Very cool. You’ll be a pro in no time.

Thank you Charles. I sincerely suspect you’re right!
r/Scott (and still embrassing the abyss)

Hey Welcome to Scott,

Bringing some life to the forum, got to hear your progress
as you go along. Post some tunes as you learn them.

I’m fairly new too, relatively speaking just a couple of years into it
and just as excited now as when I first started out.

I told somebody once that I was addicted to harmonica and he corrected
me and told me it wasn’t an addiction it was a passion.

You sound very passionite about learning this instrument.

Keep it fun and practice hard.

Harp On!

Thank you Joe. Wow. A “harp hero” joining in to my mere blog. This is obviously a communal support site. I think I’ve got “da bends” (which for a diver like me would normally be “bad” but for a harpist is nice). I’m working my way thru JP’s CDs, in the order he suggests, and it’s honestly working. Stay the course and ride the horse, as they say. So far, so good. Thank you for the encouragement.

Welcome, Scott! ;D Injoy the trip. As Joe stated, bring in the life! Be sure to post recordings of your progress. We all love to hear each other play. Oh, you say you don’t know how to record? You will learn. Don’t forget to ask questions, when needed. And be sure to keep it FUN!
Yes, I agree that it is a passion, but I’m addicted also! ;D

Watch out for ‘GAS’ ! You will soon learn the meaning of that accronym. :wink:

You got it bro! Its an adventure! Best of Luck on it!

Well Scott it’s all in the numbers. All in the numbers, You got about 700 more posts to go and
you’ll be a harp hero…

Keep on posting ;D

Harp On!!

I see I’m now a Harp Journeyman. I’m so excited. :smiley:

Right on Scott!!

I’m so stoked you dove in and are going for it…I appreciate your enthusiasm and spirit.

Have fun with it,
Your harmonica buddy,