Hello, I am from Southern California

Ive always fumbled around with different musical instruments as a kid. From the violin to the guitar both electric and acoustic as well as my fathers harmonica which was a chromatic from what I remember it was a Honer from the 70s and my $3 Jews Harp. I think I had a lot fun with the Jews Harp back then. Never really learned anything. Had too much energy and not enough patients. Well, things are different and I a tad bit older with more patients and time for creativity. I’m here to learn how to really play the harmonica from the soul.

On Christmas Day I purchased JP’s Happy Harpin DVDs and I am pleasantly surprised how detailed JP is about teaching the Harmonica. I was bending notes the first day just doing fundamentals. I purchased the 5 pack of Special 20s, oh my what a phenomenal sounding instrument. The Special 20 is a great go to instrument for learning as well as performing. After lip locking the Special 20 I do not want to play the one that came with the lessons. Once you try a Special 20 I find it difficult to play anything other than the Special 20.

I purchased the video in November. I also purchased JP’s Blues recently. I got to say both are fantastic. I am from southern Arizona ( Tucson ). I hope you had a good Christmas and a happy New year. I am still learning I play every day, it’s not work as long as you enjoy it ;D
There is a lot of knowledgeable people that are ready to help out with any problems you may encounter. I talked to Bugle boy and he is a very good man. Take care and I hope to see you on line.

Hello and welcome.
The Blues Band will be great for when you start to learn
to gap reeds, etc. You want to use a cheap harp that
you aren’t crazy about to learn harp surgery.