Hello, I'm new! {And I want to learn!}

Hey my name is [classified] and i’m under the age of 15! I play/own a Hohner Special 20. I had it for over a year, but unfortunately gave up after a few weeks. I didn’t have any learning material in reach, so i tried using the internet… Well, it didn’t work. Just recently, i’ve been getting back to old hobbies. Then i found my harp! I found JP’s site and i’m trying his free lessons. Now, so i could actually learn, i bought Harmonica for Dummies by Winslow Yerxa(?) hoping to finally play. I want to play for my own enjoyment. Lastly, my biggest challenge and the reason i gave up is: Single Notes.

That is the end of my harmonica life story.

Now for some questions…

  1. What did you use to learn how to play the harp? What was the best book/video you read/watched?

  2. How did you learn to play single notes? What method do you use?

  3. What harmonica do you have?

  4. What was your first challenge?

Welcome to the club, Ace. I’m glad you picked up the harmonica again. Learning an instrument can be very daunting at first but NEVER give up. I did, now I’m paying for it. And you’re using a Hohner Special 20–I use the same harmonica. what key is yours in? :slight_smile:

If you are struggling with single notes a here some videos that may help you.

Harmonica Lesson for Beginners: Single Note Exercise

Lesson 17 of 25 - Blues Harmonica Fundamentals Video: Pucker Embouchure

I used the lip pucker technique combined with the Major Scale.



Practicing the Harmonica

Not to mention this near pulitzer prize winning article, hey my name is [classified]! :wink:


The first challenge is the same one every day: Just picking it up and doing it! :o

You can take the Howard Levy/David Harp way: “One day to learn, a lifetime to master!”

Or go the Jon Gindick route: “Five minutes to play, five years to master!”

Choice is all yours! ::slight_smile:

Welcome [classified]!


Have Fun!

Keep on Harpin’!

Hello,[classified] Practice, practice, practice!! But, mostly, have FUN!!! Ina couple weeks or so you’ll have it! I was just like you, couldn’t play single notes. Now I can. So, don’t give up!
Have fun and Happy Harpin’

Hello and welcome! Contact JP Allen because I think I remember him saying he had a special interest in helping young people learning to play the harmonica and I even think he had a scholarship program for his instructional information.


Great age to start and in no time you will be a real ‘ACE’ on the Harp. Ie ACE OF HARPS!

The Dummies book is excellent.

The biggest thing to remember is you normally can’t just start playing single notes. You just have to keep trying and give you muscles time to develop to do it successfully. Just keep getting as close as you can and before you know it you will have it. It like weightlifting. If you’re just starting out you can’t just grab 250 pounds and bench press it. You have to start with something less than that and build up to it. Just give your mind and body time and you’ll get there.

Hey Ace,

Amazing that you’re turning on to the harmonica at an age below 15.

Firstly, find what every way to play that’s fun for you…

For me… I loved jamming with one of my best friends who was a guitar player.

If you can find a jamming buddy it makes practicing a whole lot of fun. And jamming with a guitar player is a whole lot easier that most people think.

I hope that helps.



Thanks for all the responses and the kind welcome! For now, i’ll wait for the book and then start from there.

@Harmonica Harold: Thanks for the links. Those will be helpful while learning.

@Street Dude Player (SPD): Thanks for the article and the sayings. I find both very true.

@Tyson: I’ll be sure to practice when i have something to practice on. Recently, it’s been JP’s free lessons, single notes technique, and how to position the harmonica in my mouth.

@Barry: Thanks for the tip. I guess i’ll pass and just stick with the book. Unless, JP says something about this. ;D

@David T: I like the name “Ace of Harps”. ;D Actually, the reason i picked Harmonica for Dummies is because of these forums. I was going to get The Complete Idiot’s Guide, but instead got the Harmonica for Dummies book.

@JP: First, thanks for the free lessons! So far they have been helpful so far. Once i learn the basics, i’ll find the time to play, learn, and have fun at the same time!

Go to the thread ,“Accuracy is the problem”, it may help.

Here it is 1 click away from curing all your accuracy problems. (hopefully) ;D


Harp on!!

Sorry! But when you find someting that works for you, ya kinda wanna throw it around.
heard you harpin today! REALLLL NICE !!! Hope to play like that someday!

For myself: I just want to learn to play like ME!

Gotta have goals, man!

Keep on jammin’!

Forget Harp I want to write like you.

Where did you learn how to do that.

Did you pay attention in High School!![/b][/i][/u]

Harp On!!

[glow=red,2,300] :-[[/glow]

You humble me with your kind remarks, Joseph!

Writing has been with me, well, since I guess I learned my ABCs.

What has yet to emerge lo these handful of decades though is some kind of recognition by a little fame and fortune that should go along with it. But I still keep going, keep pressing on.

Of course, I’ve paid my dues and probably a few others as well 10x hence!

However, I can’t be bitter or upset over any of that; it just seems to be my lot as it stands for now.

And I’m constantly hoping, praying much of this will change for the better soon.

I wish not to end up as one Vincent Van Gogh, an artist unrecognized in his own lifetime by the very people he dreamed to share with.

And too, when he was finally discovered to be a man of incredible talents twas way too late for him to reap any of the benefits he so richly deserved.

Which reminds me of two quick passages I penned way back when. Here goes:

[center]Appreciate what you have…and know how you got there.
For all that you are is built upon not a gravesite and sands of Failure –
But rather on cornerstones and marbles of Success!!

And the other:

[i]One of the greatest tragedies and strangest commentaries as to why the history of our civilization has to continually be updated and re-written – Tis the mere fact that successful people are way behind the times of those ‘failures’ who were way ahead of theirs![/center]

Thanks again for noticing! And makes you a damn good reader too! hehehe!!! [glow=red,2,300]:)[/glow]

Peace & SPD Out!