Hello to the forum and please advise me where to post so I don't waste your time

Hello, I’ve been playing harmonica two weeks and I’m new to this forum. I have questions and would appreciate advice on where on this forum these questions should be posted. I’m probably repeating questions that have appeared before so if there’s a spot here especially for beginners please point me to it.

What got me interested in harmonica is that my dad just died and I find myself with his three Hohners, a 270 and two 280 chromatics all in the key of C. I bought Learn to play Harmonica by Sandy Weltman and am using an old American Ace Hohner, an inexpensive 10 hole diatonic that my kids used 20 years ago.


1)I can blow and draw single notes on holes 1-5 but get little high pitched squeals out of 6-10. Is it just that I need more time/ technique or is something wrong with 6-10 on what was formerly my young children’s harmonica?

  1. I’ve got dad’s much better three chromatics but haven’t put them to my lips. Do I continue learning basic technique on the American Ace or switch to the chromatics? When? Or should my next step be a better diatonic before making the jump to chromatic?

  2. The three chromatics have not been used in at least three years and possibly as many as five years. My dad had multiple lung infections in the last year of his life and I’d like to know if his chromatics have to be disinfected in any way before I use them or is three-five years of disuse long enough to be safe?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Hank,

I’m new to the forums, too, but I think your questions about which harmonica to play and the problem you have with the high pitched squeals might be best searched in http://www.harmonica.com/forums/harmonica-gear-investment-and-support/

There’s a search field that I use sometimes in the base Everything Harmonic section that kind of helps me narrow things down. This helped me figure out the best way to do that: http://www.harmonica.com/forums/help/?page=searching

I found that some of my questions are from different sections, so it might helps to frame your questions for each section if you have a lot.

Make sure your options are set so that you get emails if someone replies to your question, too!