Hello & Welcome – We’re Not Proud!


Okay, every forum and website has some intent, some reason for being. Here then, are a few notes and ideas for this one.

First up, whether this is your first, fifth or even hundredth and more site you’ve visited in the expansive and ever-growing harmonica universe, well, we believe there’s always something new, something different to learn somewhere – And we’re hoping to do our part here.

Following David Harp’s nice little philosophy that: “We Share with Each Other to Help the Next Fellow Harper Out” – Well, we’re not proud, so certainly no ego trips there or here!

Next up, whether you consider yourself: A) an absolute beginner {you’ve never held/played a harmonica before, but something deep inside resonates and encourages you to pick one up};

Or B) an intermediary and/or a little more advanced {you can play some tunes for yourself, friends, etc. and even learning how to bend and groove et al};

Or C) you’ve reached the point where you can actually start making some money at this thing, either in a band, on the street, wherever –

Well, the point to all this is: No matter where you are in the harmonica universe, especially A & B, you will go far, possibly farther than you’ve ever imagined {all the way up to C, hopefully} if you utilize these two words: [i]INVESTMENT & SUPPORT!

Back in the old days (pre-Internet anything), if you wanted to learn harmonica, well, unless you knew somebody who knew somebody who knew something – You were left to buying and investing in harmonicas via your corner shop music stores. You know, the ones that offered piano, guitar, and drum lessons; but only had a small glass cabinet, usually Hohners, revolving around on top of a bigger cabinet.

You’d invest the 5, 10, or more dollars for one of those harps; and as sure as you got out of the store and away from the door, within a few minutes it would go as flat and as sticky as the wad of gum you just stepped in. Why?

Because back in the old days (pre-Internet everything), unless you knew somebody who knew somebody who knew something – Finding a harmonica teacher, even from big cities to even smaller towns, was a rare, if not mythical commodity. So really, the support for you to learn was never there.

But my how times have changed. And so here we are in our little corner of the harmonica cyberspace universe. So: Hello & Welcome – We’re Not Proud!

Since the harmonica universe is so big nowadays (who’d’ve ever’ve thunk it?) and yes, admittedly, at times overwhelming, if not downright mind boggling! – Well, here in our little section of the harmonica universe, we’re going to do our utmost best in helping you, us, and everyone navigate through it as easily and hopefully as painlessly as possible.

So by all means take a deep breath, relax, and smile if you find yourself doing it and/or have a mind to –

And this is how We All Can Share with Each Other to Help the Next Fellow Harper Out!


What makes you you?! We invite you to share you with us!


What harmonicas do you play, like, saving up for, etc?! We invite you to share with us!


What technical aspects have you learned/have we learned to make our instruments shine and play better?! We invite you to share with us!


What have you found, what have you discovered, how can we better help you progress with the World’s Best and Oldest Harmonica Home Study Course?! We invite you to share with us!!

And certainly last but not least:


Giving credits where credits are due. Yet also, if you’ve invested in tapes, cds, dvds, books, music and/or anything and everything else harmonica – And whether you wish to praise it, pan it, review it – good, bad or indifferent, link up to it/them, whatever – Well by all means, we invite you to share here with us!

Remember too: This is and probably always will be a work in progress. Hopefully too, this will be a place for you to stop by and hang out for awhile or even longer.

So come one, come all!

Hello & Welcome – We’re Not Proud!

Keep on Smiling!

Keep on Harpin’!

Thanks for reading!

Thanks for making the site. I hope to get here often although I’m quite busy. But I’ll certainly check fairly regular.

Every little bit helps, RagVoice!

Every little bit helps!! :wink:

ya ya ya sounds great!!!