I’m Mike. I’ve been playing/learning to play for a couple years now. My son plays tuba in the middle school band and my daughter plays cello in the elementary school orchestra. A while back my brother sent me a Big River Harp for my birthday sayin I needed to play something if the kids did. When I opened the package, I said, well I guess I need to find some harmonica lessons. In under a minute my son said here you go dad, harmonica lessons on you tube. And that was it for me, been at it ever since.


Cool story, Mike!

Yes, once it breaks in - a Big River has a big sound to it! :o

Hey Mike,

How cool that your son turned you on to the harmonica.

Sound like your hooked!

jp :slight_smile:

Hi Ya Mike welcome to the forum,

I also got hooked a couple years ago walking
around Borders, big book store around where I live. Look down on the discount
rack and staring me in the face was one of David Harps books with a CD and a
harp to boot. [b]Why Not ME I Said ;D ;D Ever since…

Happy to be Harpin!!

Way to go Mike,

sounds like you have a supportive and musical family…great fuel to go on. Nice to connect with you here on the forum.

Your harmonica buddy,