I am new to this and just inherited my stepdads harps. I ended up with a really old Marine Band still in the old cardboard box that it came in and a Special 20 Marine Band and also a Honer Golden Melody! I was just wondering how i would go about finding out what year these things are? I am also using the free online lessons to try to learn to play this thing.

Yeah that’s good I dint know how to date harmonicas but I would suggest going to JP allens free harmonica lessons they got me pointed in right direction then I bought his lessons but that is another story. If you start playing and get to the point of getting a simple rhythm or song it is very rewarding and fun I am going to start practicing again just need to get some alone time, Have fun ! ;D

[I was just wondering how i would go about finding out what year these things are?

You may want to drop a line to good ol Dave Payne here:


Although he’s now working at Harrison Harmonicas, as a longtime customizer and helluva nice guy, he still knows a thing or two or more about older harps!

Good luck, eh?!

Welcome Don! I’m just the opposite, I’m a really old player playing really new harmonicas.


Welcome and good luck Don. My favorite is the Golden Melody, Man I love playing that harp. I have harps I’ve paid 3 times the money for but always go back to my Goldens. I finished JP’s dvd’s and cd’s man that got me kick started in this little instrument for sure.

Harp on!!

Welcome Don!

See if you can track down Rick Epping at Hohner. He might be hard to reach but someone at Hohner will be glad to help you.

Here’s some phone numbers you can try: 1800-446-6010 or 804-550-2700

They may not be good anymore, but if they are they’ll get you in the back door.

Good luck!