Hi , I just wanted to ask how can I make amazing sounds by 10 hole harmonica in the key of C ?

The same way you get to Carnegie Hall in New York City, Alidelta:

Practice, Practice, Practice!!


Keep on harpin’!

Speaking of Carnegie Hall how about this guy.


Alidelta just listen to this talent and say if I can just play half as good as him…

I’ll get you the harp tab for that llittle song he played if you want to start practicing… :-\

Harp on!!

YEAH I love that one too Joe.

I put it on my Blog at: http://www.harmonica.com/blog/611-buddy-greene-amazing-harmonica-playing-at-carnegie-hall.html

Regarding making amazing sounds…

I think it sound really pretty to play lots of notes at the same time and play them real real slow on a long long blog…

Imagine sitting under the stars in Hawaii and let the harmonica sing to you…

The harmonica is such a beautiful sounding instrument it almost always amazes me