I’m new here, and I’m 17 years old girl.
i bought my first harmonica 2 months ago- Seydel 10 holes C chromatic harmonica,
but i feel i’m not advancing on it.
i watched all the JP’s video with Rebecca, but what now?
i will be glad if you will give me some tips, videos or even teach me some harmonica songs.
(yesterday i learned the first: “Love Me Do”)

Thank you very much!

sorry about my bad English, it can help if somebody will fix my grammer mistakes. :smiley:

Howdy Yuval!

First up, never feel you have to apologize for your English around here. Although we’re a big global community, my only hope is you can actually understand my and everybody else’s English for sure! Hehehe!

I’m pretty sure you can! And that’s a good thing too!

You don’t say where you’re from - However, we do have a nice following of the Under 21 crowd here also! And that’s a good thing as well!

{Incidentally, have you read any of our friend Ace’s posts? He is a most amibitious, inquisitive, respectful as well as reflective, intelligent, well-spoken young gentleman who ever picked up a harmonica and graces/honors our forum with his ever ongoing, quite interesting conversations/discussions! Be that as it may…}

I will say from my personal experiences, I wish sometimes I could go back to your age and get the information you now have at your fingertips! It wasn’t available to me then, and virtually most of the older crowd here as it is today!

However, I’m where I’m at (as are they)…And I’m/we’re also learning that this isn’t such a bad place to be at either!

Regardless though - Let’s talk about you!

You say you’ve watched all the JP’s videos with Rebecaa, but what now?!

Well, I have to say to you: “And…?”

Meaning, what did you get from them? Have you signed up for JP’s other free email lessons?

Meaning, just because you watched them what, if anything, did you learn from them?

JP offers plenty of songs on his harmonica.com site; as well as there are plenty of songs all over the internet to learn about, posted from multiple linkes on this forum and elsewhere!

And besides the JP Allen World’s Favorite Home Harmonica Course Bundle DVD Set which you can get, if you’re willing/able at some point, some day – Well, we do post tons of other videos we share with everyone to guide each other along and learn from too!

So please feel free to look around and see everything we have available here!

I love the song “Love Me Do” by the Beatles; maybe one day - if you’re willing/able - you’ll put up a version of your playing it, as that’s certainly welcome here also!

And so speaking of “welcomes” -

I Welcome You Here!

Keep On Smiling!

Thanks For Reading!

Keep On Harpin’!

Oh PS: You’re being a harp player and a girl is a wonderful thing in itself. With no help or prodding from the ‘peanut gallery’ - and we know who we are - Can you please tell us, Yuval, if you have any female harmonica inspirations now and who they might be? You know, all the good stuff that brought you to take up harmonica in the first place and all that jazz?!! Rock on, yo!

Hi Yuval

Welcome aboard the big harmonica train. Great to hear from you. I must say you got a very good Harp for your
first one ;D

Well you asked what now, I guess that depends on what direction you want to go in :wink:

I/we can only suggest, And I would suggest practicing the major scale with a metronome until
you can play it in your sleep fast. Practice over and over again. I only say that because once
that’s down there are so many tunes you can learn to play.

And that’s the next thing I would recommend, learn and memorize as many tunes as you can 8)

Build yourself a repertoire of a bunch of songs you can play. I know you’ve got “Love Me Do” down
by the Beatles, try and learn 3 or 4 more by the Beatles. A lot of there songs fit well
for the harmonica, for a beginner.

[tt]Most of all make this fun and try and get some practice in everyday even if it’s just 15 minutes.[/tt]

You’ll be surprised how fast you’ll learn ;D

Oh and I would love to hear you play Love Me Do. Consider recording and posting up on the forum.

Recording yourself does make you a better player. You will get lots of encouragement here plenty of
friendly folks.

Harp on

One Last Important Thing:

Get some Goals, Short and Long Term Good Luck

WElcome, Yuval!

Those other two forgot to mention…HAVE FUN!!! ;D

Look forward to hearing you play.
from TEXAS!

It was definitely implied to be definitely inferred! :slight_smile:

Yet thanks for definitely spelling it out in specific great detail! :wink:

You’re defintiely one of the good ones, Ty-Man! :smiley:

Keep on harpin’ 8)

Keep on having - yeah, what Ty-Man said! ;D

Welcome Yuval.

Don’t forget that JP has lessons on youtube other than the Rebecca ones. There are others as well. Also look up lessons on tone to make sure your notes are sounding as good as they can. If you have your single notes down and you tone is good then learning songs will be great because the more songs you learn the more “moves” you get down. The more songs you learn the easier it will get because you will know more of the moves by heart.

As others have said please stick with it so you won’t be like so many of us here that look back and wish they had started sooner in life.

It really is a lot of fun if you just stick with it and are okay with the fact that it may take a while to get where you want to be.

So what are your interest, tunes, blues, etc.

Howdy Yuval, from here in sunny South Carolina, USA!
Welcome aboard. I started recently just like you have, and I’m finding JP’s tips and the great guys on this forum a big help.
And of course Tyson as a good one. He’s a Texan, ain’t he? I was born in San Antonio, so I’m a born Texican from the great nation of Texaco too. I love SC though. I wasn’t born here, but I got here as soon as I could.
You’ll love it here, Yuval.


Welcome Yuval,
Tennessee U.S.A. here! Close to the Mississippi River…
Yes there are lots of very nice people here to offer help and/or support, just ask!
Check out the websites mentioned in these posts all have much to offer! patmisson.com, jt30, and harpsurgery and of course harmonica.com have been the most helpful to me lately.
We all go through spells where we get or feel stuck. I suggest stepping back a couple days and just play what you know and have fun just playing, come back a few days later and go back to what your stuck on, if it is still too hard move on to something else and come back to it later.
Welcome and enjoy the trip. :slight_smile:

Hey Tuval,

Thanks for being here!! I’m glad you explored the lessons with Rebecca and enjoyed them…

Have you been to my site www.freeharmonicalessons.com? You’ll find a load of free lessons and information there, and when you’re ready, my Harmonica Bundle includes 8 DVDs, 3 CDs of instruction and loads of free stuff…

If you have a moment to make a video clip of your playing and post it, saying “attention JP” I will listen in and offer you tips that may help you get to the next step.

Have fun with it…

Your harmonica buddy,