Just wanted to take a second and say what’s up to everyone here. Looking forward to the site and what everyone has to talk about.

We’ll let me be the first to say welcome. I can’t believe I beat SPD to it. You’ll get that joke if you hang around a little while.

I hope you get lots of support and advice here, I know I have.

Yep, welcome! Hey GM, Where is SPD anyways?
Alayn, where you from, anyways? Good to have you aboard. We are a friendly bunch, all levels of play. So ask your questions and post recordings of your playing. We all like to hear each other improve!
Tyson ;D

Sit back, put your feet up and grab your harmonica. Ask and ye shall find lots of opinions. Welcome aboard.

Hi Alay,

How you doing, and welcome to the best forum on the net :stuck_out_tongue:

Couple times, just recently need help with a question, posted it and sure enough like magic
some one had the answer or where to get the answer 8)

Just curious of your playing level, beginner, experience pro, or somewhere in between. And where about’s on this
planet are you from ::slight_smile:

It’s a pretty global bunch we have here all pretty friendly and very helpful ;D

Any questions or comments just leave your posts and your more than likely will get some responses :o

Good luck to you and hope to see you around the forum.

Harp On!!

Howdy and welcome.
This is a great forum. The best actually.


Welcome alay!
The others hhave said it!
If you play harp, you’ve found the place to be!

Howdy Alayna!

Looking forward to the site and what everyone has to talk about.

That makes two of us – well, plus the other 2100+ members (as of November 7, 2010) who have crossed over and joined up here! :o

So anytime you’re in the neighborhood – Feel free to let your eyes do the walking and your fingers do the talking!! :wink:


Have Fun!

Keep on Harpin’!

SPD Just Chugging Along <<<no, seriously, I really am! mwuahahaha!!!>>>

Welcome! How would you perfer us to call you, Alay? Give us some idea of how long you’ve been playing harmonica and what kind of music do you like?


How would you perfer us to call you

Well, whenever anyone aks me, I perfer to be called anything but late for…last call! And y’all thought I was going to say “dinner,” didn’t you?! mwuahahaha!


It’s all good!


Keep on jammin’!

Hey Alayna,

(just guessing on the name) Welcome to our harmonica forum! Feel free to throw a few questions, concerns, subjects, jokes or riffs around, we’d be glad to help you out…and even entertain you…

Your harmonica buddy,


Hey, there’s Spud!
Well, speak of the little angel and…
I figured I’d call you that rather than the other thang.
I knew you’d be right around a corner somewhere.