Just thought I would introduce myself and say hi. It’s kind of funny how I came to wanting to learn how to play the harp. About a week ago my best friend, his wife, and I were talking about how we want to start doing more camping. My friend jokingly said, if we’re going camping then someone needs to learn how to play the harmonica. He and his wife both looked at me and were like, you’re the only one out of the three of us with any musical talent so it has to be you. We laughed about it and I didn’t think much more of it until the next night and I started doing some reading on it and watching some youtube videos. Well I couldn’t stand it anymore so yesterday I stopped by my favorite local music store and bought a Hohner Special 20 and I can already tell I’m going to love it.

Oh, and as far as the friend goes, I started learning the riff to manish boy last night and tonight I went back over to his house and showed him what I had learned. His response was, “man, I’m going to have to go get one now and learn with you”. Lol


Howdy and welcome Cajunmike.
I reckon having a friend to learn and jam with would be great.
If you get the friend’s wife learning too, you’ll have the beginnings of a latter day harmonica band like the Harmonicats. Too cool.


Man…a harmonica band…that would be epic!

Glad you joined us!


Welcome to the Club, the key to success is to practice, so that you can perform to your potential.