Hello... ^^

Hello all, I’m a newbie ^^
I’m from Vietnam.
I started playing harp about 6 months ago. I’m currently using a 24-hole Suzuki tremolo and I play it about 15 mins everyday.
I wanted to take JP’s lessons but since I don’t have much money, I only saw the free lessons. They were for Dia. harp so it didn’t help much, but it still help me doing some stuffs.
By joining this forum, I hope I can make new friends and learn more about harps :smiley:

Welcome to our group! Lots of nice people to help out when you get stuck. If your into Chromatic Harmonica , take a look at www.truechromatic.com. Lots of great information on that site. Of course come back here often and chat with your diatonic buddies!!! Several people here play Chromatic too and may be able to offer some advice.

Urg, it’s been nearly 1 year O_o I was freaking busy with homework, exams and stuffs …
@paulbunyn: Wow, thanks a bunch! I bought a chromatic harp last year, so I’m checking yr website ^^