Well, I always used to say my only childhood regret was not learning to play any instrument. I decided at Christmas it was time to start doing something about it, so, loving the blues, got myself a C harp and am learning…

Oh…I don’t know if there are others with grey beards on here, but I am slightly more mature than many, but haven’t quite lost all my marbles yet! Mind you, if I read any more about bends and blow bends and overdraws and half draws I just might!

Who said this was easy!!!?? ;D

I got mine at christmas time too. I dont think I have gone a single day without picking it up. How’s it going? I pretty satisfied with the progress I have made. How about you?

Hi Nik

Old Farticus here, love the blues harp, and been buying and playing them for just over a year now, cost me a fortune but i’m getting better and bending pretty well, but the overblow just seems like a magicians trick to me, I can’t do it to save my life.