Hello everyone!

I started JP’s lessons about a week ago, have gotten to Lesson 28. I just turned 60 beginning of September, and decided I absolutely had to do something new to keep from starting to feel old. :D. I love music and always have felt a lack that I can’t play any myself, and harmonica just popped into my head. So I looked online and found JP’s course, and I’m really glad.

Also I just started Hal Walker’s lessons (I’m at Lesson 4), and I find JP and Hal complement each other nicely (should say, brilliantly!).

My goal is to learn to play Irish or other Celtic folksongs, including American songs that are Irish-derived. (Though I’ll learn other folk music, too, and bought JP’s Gypsy video using the A Minor harp, for after I feel I’ve mastered the beginner lessons.)

Anyway, all the best to all of you! – Dale

Howdy and welcome Dale!
I just turned 60 too, and I’ve also just started a new career,
thanks to all the lay offs of our past few years. I’m more active
now at work than before, and I’ve decided to get younger in every
aspect of life. Don’t think you’re out to pasture because you’re 60!
Harmonica is a GREAT instrument to pick up. The diatonic is relatively
easy to get to an enjoyable level, and once you get there, you won’t
be able to stop.