Its Kind Lemon, real name Dave, I have been playing blues harp of and on for about fifty years and harmonica a little longer, doing tunes like Cock Of The North, Danny Boy etc. Discovered the blues in the mid fifties, via Louis Armstrong’s Hot Fives, Bessie Smith and Josh White. Blues Harp was a second or even third instrument for me, main instruments are acoustic guitar and bass.
I’ve always played Hohner harps but I’m about to switch to Yamaha, I did the “one man band” thing for many years, guitar, harp, kazoo, bass drum, hi-hat and tambourine in the style of Dr. Ross and Jesse Fuller, even did a few gigs with a bass guitar, harp, kazoo, bass drum, hi-hat and tambourine when the outfit i was with became drummerless!
Favorite harp moments, joining in on a impromptu jam with blues harp player and friend plus about ten other harp players and having a nice chat and blowing a little harp with Sonny Terry in a dressing room after a gig in Nottinghamshire UK back in the seventies.
I’ve played harp in country bands, rockabilly bands, New Orleans type bands, solo with guitar and of course with blues bands, but I must add, there are a lot of much better harp players than me out there
Favorite harp players, Paul Lamb, the late Tim Disney, the great Charlie Musselwhite, Sugar Blue, Eric Linton and off this week, a fine young folk harmonica player, Will Pound, it nice to be here.

Howdy and welcome Dave.
I hope you share plenty of advice here.