I don’t even have a harmonica yet. Next week I suspect, it will arrive. I’m starting this late in life. I am also learning the ukulele which I started this year. My music experience is that of a listener. I am finding this adventure totally fascinating. I’ve always wondered how the harmonica could possibly be played. Now I am going to find out. Glad I found this forum. I think I will learn plenty from what you guys post. Judd

Oh, I live in Bellaire, MI (Northern lower peninsula). I’ve always like cycling. Last year I got a mountain bike since we have a new trail about a block from my house. It is being made for mtg, walking, skiing, snowshoe. So far it is 15 miles of trail. Name is Glacial Hills Pathway in case any of you plan to visit.

Howdy and welcome!
I can’t wait to hear how you progress.
in the mean time, study up on the free
lessons and videos you can find here and
on ytube. It can make a difference when
you actually grab a harmonica.
What are you getting?


Thanks. Getting a Hohner special 20. Yes I have searched various utube vids. Created
Harmonica playlist. Later. Judd