Help ID a Harp

Am currently on the wallaby, on walkabout in our outback and in a tiny country town I purchased a used harmonica called a Condon Pride in key of G. It was in a junk antique shop & cost me a non negotiable $8. It looks very much like a very old Marine Band but is stamped made in Italy?

Have done a search of the net with no result and am seeking to know its ‘story’ ie how old & if it is indeed a Marine Band or a cheap imitation?

If it is indeed what I think it is then I will try & restore it. Thanks for any insight.

I wonder if you took a picture of it and posted here. Some how someone might recognize it ??? ???

Anyways it would be cool to see, get a real nice close up.

Harp On!!

Howdy Dave!

Although you’re Down Under - still an email over to this place couldn’t hurt:

Am sure they can help with what sounds like a cool search. Be surprised though, if that harp boomerangs right back into your neck of the woods, eh? :o

Good luck, mate!

Keep us posted!

Keep on jammin’!

Hey Dave!
I’m web crawling too for you. Aint found nothing yet (that means I found something, right?).
Seriously, nothing yet, but I’m still looking. Could the name be worn or dirty and only appear to be “Condon,” or is the name pretty obvious? I have “finds” that when cleaned and examined under magnification turned out to be better finds than I had anticipated.
Still crawling,

Bob (thebugleboy)

Bugleboy> the ID is obvious ie very clear.

SPD> thanks will ask Hohner as suggested.

Good luck!

Keep us posted, eh?

Keep on jammin’!