Help with hole 6 blow

Hello. My name is Lucas and I started learning harmonica 2 weeks ago.

I bought a Hering Master Blues harmonica (diatonic on the key of C). While playing along with the happy harpin’ video lessons (happy birthday part) I noticed that the hole 6 draw seems too hard to blow, it seems the reed is stuck.

What can I do? Should I try open it and clean the reeds? What precautions should I take?

Thank you! ;D

Edit: I saw some YouTube videos, and a guy said you can just open the water tap and let the water trough the holes of the harmonica. Is it a safe thing to do? (the comb of the harmonica is made of wood)

Wood combs have a tendency to swell. I say take the covers off, examine the reed looking for any foreign matter that may be stuck in there. Make sure it is aligned correctly with the hole. LIGHTLY plink the reed, does it have a dead dull sound? Most likely it is one of the first 2. When you work up the nerve to take your harp apart, (and you will), seal the comb with beeswax, cutting board/food grade oil, or some other sealer to prevent swelling.

Thanks paulbunyn1! I will buy the tools necessary to open the harmonica tomorrow and will post the results here.

Edit: Ok, I manage to open it with the tools I had here. I checked for dirty on the reeds, removed some with a needle (also I pushed the needle against the reeds in both sides very carefuly), washed them with a little water and I still have the problem. The reed 6 seems a little closer to the reed plate than the others, but I don’t think this is the problem. When I blow the hole 6, it is difficult to blow and I only get air noise. It seems something is vibrating too, but I don’t know what is.

What do you mean by plinking the reed?

Thanks again.