Help with rhythm needed

I am new to music. I can blow nice clean notes with a relaxed mouth and can play simple tunes.
The thing that is holding me back is a poor seance of rhythm.
Is this just a skill that will take time to develop or is it just one of those abilities you are born with.
If it is a skill I can develop what can I do to help myself.
I subscribe to JPs course and am up to lesson 30.

I definitely think it can be developed.

Listen to music, turn it up loud, try to find the rhythm and then do your “tucka-toodle” along with it.

Tap your feet, move your body to the music as you play.

Try using a metronome. I think JP has a link to a free online one that you get with the bonus material for his course. Start real slow and don’t increase the speed until you are comfortable.

If your foot can’t keep up with your mouth, or vice versa, it is because you haven’t learned that tune, exercise, riff, scale, whatever. I didn’t make this up. Rhythmically your foot must be with your head/brain, or else you stop, or miss the beat. Right? We all know the feeling, now you know why.

Hi, I’ve read that one can train the ear and work on their rhythm. I’m taking JP’s lessons and I’m doing ok. I think it would all be a lot easier, if I had the gift of music, timing, rhythm and all that - built in. Seeing I don’t, I really have to work much harder at it. I’m not trying win any music awards, I’m just trying to have fun with it.

I use a metronome for practice and learn songs slowly. People beginning should remember those songs we learned as children and practice them. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, This Old Man, London Bridges, Mary Had A Little Lamb and so on. These are good little tunes for single hole/note practice.

Years ago, I was at a hunting camp and there was a whole bunch of French Canadian men playing and singing. They had guitars, banjos, bones and harmonicas. It was amazing to watch these men play and sing. They would bang the feet on the floor and slap their hands on their legs.One guy would swing his (lower) arm around in a circle and snap his fingers the whole time. He was really good at it. I couldn’t understand the words of the songs, but they were very upbeat and lively songs.

Rhythm practice, rhythm practice and more rhythm practice. It does get better.

I remember as a younger player I thought I was the bees knees and when asked to record with my first band was very excited. When I heard the tracks back my playing was all over the place, so bad in some places the harp was removed from the song.

A harsh lesson to learn, the hard way too!

Since then I stopped playing so many notes, going off on one and became super aware of my note timing within the song.

If you already know this is happening you are half way there but maybe record yourself jammin’ along with a track and hear the truth and take it from there.

Good luck