Hey everyone!

I just started playing the harmonica last week when I stumbled across my grandfathers old C Hohner chromatic. I watched a few videos and started learning pop goes the weasel! I am moving onto a few other songs and I noticed that the 1 and 2 holes primarily and te 3 hole to a lesser extent make a wheezing, kazoo sort of sound when I draw on the harmonica, and occasionally when I blow. I think the two holes my be bad.They sound a bit flat maybe? Does anyone have any thoughts on that? If anyone has any good suggestions for some fun, simple songs for a chromatic I’d love to try them out!

Hi just thought i’d introduce myself.I’m Dave from the South Coast of the Uk.I am 51 years old and have been playing for about 9 months.I started learning after I had surgery on my hands and was at home off work for a while.My main music love is prog rock[not a lot of harmonica in that genre]however I like a lot of different types of music so plenty of scope.I have ordered the dvd’s as I feel I need some help to take me to the next level.What are your thought’s/opinion’s on the lessons.