Hey hey from israel!

Hello guys!
my name is Matan and i live in israel.
I started to play the harmonica 3 months ago (started with Tombo- FolkBlues) and moved to the Hohner Golden melody.
I have already played a Trumpet for 4 years and honed my vocal cords for 2 years, but i always had a dream- playing a harmonica (like Snufkin from the tv show- Moomins. any 1 familiar with it?) and i’ve decided that now ,after me and my girlfriend broke up, its time for me to take this cute little instrument and play.
im new to this forum and i just purchased Jp complete dvds bundle!
i’ve never tried this teaching method so im a little skeptical. i usually have 1 on 1 teacher-student lesson (can anyone clear this skeptiness out of my mind please?) and i hope learning from the dvds will fit me.

say, doesn’t learning to read notes concerning you? i mean- isn’t there a level you cant go through if you can’t read notes? im a little bit concerned about this and i wanted to know what you think.

have a great day everyone and nice to meet ya :wink:

Shalom, Matan!

Nice to meetchyer acquaintanceship!

Am not familiar with Snufkin from the TV show Moomins –

But I am with JP Allen’s best-selling world’s most favorite home harmonic course DVD bundle set!

I have learned and still maintain that JP packs so much information into his DVD lessons - both entertaining and all do-able if you take the time to work with them - that most other courses pale by comparison.

So his many students and fans on the forum, on his blogs, around the globe can’t be wrong! And you’ll have to find that out for yourself. And I know you will learn more than you thought possible!

The three main points I always stress is: Investment, Support, and Value!

You have invested in JP Allen and his lessons; we are here to support you on your journey; and by doing so, you will reap the benefits of the value therein.

That’s not to say you couldn’t/shouldn’t learn from others. By all means, 1 on 1 instruction is great, when/if you can find it where you’re or anyone’s at!

Even JP will admit he’s not nor ever will be the end-all to learning harmonica. Nobody is nor can be, because it’s an on-going lifetime life-rewarding process at that.

However, what he does offer you are the foundation blocks from which to build upon. And again, his lessons are jam packed with those foundation blocks as long as you’re willing to take the time to use and expand upon them!

With regards to learning to read notes and music theory et al –

The great thing about the harmonica is that you don’t have to know how to read music to begin with. Without going into all the sordid details, just know that since virtually all diatonics are primarily set up the same way – Long ago, manufacturers and such who wanted to sell more harmonicas devised the easy learning method of Tablature (or Tabs). Taking musical notes and putting them into their respective places on the blow/draw holes of the harmonica.

Meaning, if you can play 4B 5B 5D 6B; 4B 5B 5D 6B; 4B 5B 5D 6B 5B 4B 5B 4D…which are the opening strains to “Oh When The Saints Go Marching In”…on any C harmonica, you can also play them on any A, Bb, D, E, F, and G harp as well!

And you don’t have to know what any of the notes actually are to do so!

Many people play this way; and there are many more great players who couldn’t/can’t read a lick of music to be sure.

Yet too, I also realize others already have a background in other musical instruments and/or musical theory, like JP and Howard Levy for example, and they are more comfortable in knowing what the relationship of holes to notes are.

All well and good. And that information is certainly available to anyone willing to do their homework on. And is something you will have to research and find out about on your own if you’re so inclined to do so.

I myself am slowly learning these things as part of my process too. And I give myself permission to go slow because I know it all takes: TIME!!

So on that fine note:

Enjoy JP Allen’s many great lessons.

Welcome to the forum!

Have fun on your journey through the vast & mighty Harmonica Universe!


Good luck!

Keep On Harpin’!

Hello Matan and Welcome to the Forum!
Street Player Dude is right about learning to read music. On the harmonica it is not necessary. Learning tabs makes it much easier for someone with no musical background to play. If you already can read music, which I’m sure you can being a trumpet player, you are ahead in the game.
Rest assured JP’s DVD Bundle will get you going correctly and playing along with others before you know it provided you do your part and practice.
Reading music will be an advantage farther down the road in your journey learning the harmonica. Tabs will have you playing sooner than reading music to start.
As far as not reading music limiting you, Stevie Wonder is blind, never read a note in his life. I don’t think you can find anyone that would call him limited in much of anyway.

Hey Hey yourself!

Pleased to meet you! You WILL enjoy this harmonica journey!

Well…I learn to read notes with my chromatic harmonica…but as for the diatonic, I find that if you got a good ear, and play alot, you will be fine. The more farmiliar you are with the instrument, the better you will get at just hearing a melody and picking up your harp and playing it.

Peace Out! (Or Shalom Out…but I don’t know if that even works!)


Hey Matan,

I just wanted to welcome you to the forum. We have an amazingly supportive and informative community as I think you’ve experienced. All willing to chime in and offer their knowledge of music and harmonica.

Hope you got all your concerns answered and are ready to take the plunge…

Your harmonica buddy,


Hey Matan,

And welcome to the forum, I also have worked my way through his bundles and it has
a lot to offer…

harp on!!

Hi Matan,

Good to see you are on your way. You will find JP’s bundle a great way to learn the harp…I did. You have arrived at a top forum so don’t be afraid to ask questions and remember to keep us up to date with your progress. We love to hear success stories.

All the best…