Hey hey from the uk

I’m Andrew, 33 years old from the uk.

I just started playing the harmonica about 3 weeks ago, currently doing the happy harpin’ series and loving it. I’m not too far in to it yet, just done lesson 11, how to hold the harmonica properly. Turns out I’ve holding it in the wrong hand so far!! but holding it in the left actually feels ok.

I’ve always considered myself to have zero musical ability, I cant sing for toffee (and i know it, so i dont inflict it on others!!) and i never had the drive to properly learn an instrument before, except maybe the recorder at school!!
I found a few of my grandfathers old harmonica’s in his house last year and my grandmother said i could have them. I kind of wanted to learn using these as it would have been nice to use his old instruments but the reeds are busted on almost all of them, i think they are at least 40 years old and i couldnt find anywhere that would repair them or put in new reeds >:(
So my wife got me a new one for christmas and I have just started the lessons using it.

Loving it so far, so thought i should come on here and say hi.

So…Hi :slight_smile:

Hi Andrew

Good to hear that you’re enjoying the experience. I’m less than a week into it myself, much much older than you and wishing I’d thought of this decades ago. However, I’m having a go which is the main thing.