Hey Luke, I think this needs correcting

Hi @Luke,

I got this link from an email from JP Allen recently. It has really good advice for beginners and even intermediates!!

However, at the end you give a tab for playing the classic song Low Rider that needs to be corrected. I could not enter a comment on the linked page because I have not purchased access, so I thought maybe I could let you know here and then you could make the corrections.

I think that the tab should read as follows:

  -3  -3  -3  -3  -3  +4  -4      +3  -3  +4  -3  +3

  -3  -3  -3  -3  -3  +4  -4      +3  -3  +4  -3  +3

  -5  -5  -5  -5  -5      -5  -5  -5  -5  -5      -5  +6

The last line could also be played using the full-step bend of hole two, as you correctly noted is done by Lee Oskar in the video, and would then look like this (for those who can play the two-draw full-step bend):

  -2"  -2"  -2"  -2"  -2"      -2"  -2"  -2"  -2"  -2"      -2"  -2

If I’m incorrect on any of this, then let me know.

Keep up the great lessons, Luke!! :+1:

Gruß (greetings)

– Slim


Slim - you’re absolutely right! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! My bad.

Your tabs for the end as Lee Oskar plays it are correct as well, though I left that out because this is a beginner lesson and a -2 whole step bend is NOT a beginner technique! LOL.

But I really appreciate your feedback here, and will get it corrected asap.

Rock on Slim!



No problem, Luke. Mistakes happen when trying to code the tabs that we play. And I agree 100% that the way Lee Oskar plays the last part is definitely beyond a beginner-level of skill !! :smirk:

Just trying to help out and glad to hear that my feedback was of use. :sunglasses:

Gruß (greetings),
– Slim

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I thought there had to be an oops there. I have enjoyed the demo and now feel particularly good that my brain was not wrong about figuring out proper notes. Looking forward to more beginner techniques.

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