Hey New to the Site

Hey all just wanted to say Hi and introduce myself. Purchased JP’s CD’s about 1 1/2 years ago. Been playing as much as I can since. Glad to be part of this site and hope to learn and maybe even teach some folks. Take care and see ya out there :smiley:

Howdy RTR!

So guy, gal, inbetween (not that there’s anything wrong with that)?!

Hailing from here, there, nowhere/everywhere in particular, Aliens Inc. maybe (again not that there’s anything wrong with that)?!

“Well, we have ways of making you talk!” :o

Enjoy nonetheless!

Hey welcome RTR,

I’m a newbie too, kind of started like you too think it was about a 1 1/2 ago I picked up JP’s dvd cd’s.
Before that learned from books from David Harp. I’ll never forget where I stumbled on to this instrument.
Maybe 2 years ago was walking around Borders (big book store in my state), and looked down at a rack
of half price books and found Davis Harp’s beginner harmonica book that included a harmonica for about
8 bucks. Bought it, ordered some more books from David Harp and I was on my way. From his recommendation
was looking to upgrade that harmonica he told me to try the Golden Melody’s, I did and man I love them.

From there JP and after that Harmonicaacademy.com, still working my way through that. (very difficult).

But I love it.

Happy Harpin

Wow, Joe! Another David Harp fan!!

Pikced up those long skinny books of his: “Bending The Blues” and “Country & Western Harmonica Made Easy” many years ago from a music store.

Only back then, they (the music store) didn’t have the tapes that supposedly went with them.

Earlier this year, I did a google on Dave to find out if he was still around, and I came across these:



His home-twenty is up in Vermont. And his books-tapes-cds are diverse and quite inexpensive to boot. I called and ordered just about everything he has: from harping, percussion, tin whistle, and even his ‘Three Minute Meditator!’

There’s still a few more things I’d like to get, especially his tape on how to play “Juke” by Little Walter. He breaks it down, bit by bit along with the music, etc.

But his assistant said Dave’s original recording session was misplaced and they’re still looking for it. And she’d let me know when they’ve found it again. I’m still waiting, but oh well.

Did you get a Mojo or something else with your “Instant Blues Harmonica” package?

I bought a whole set of his Mojos, as well as reviewed them in another forum topic here. I use them too. They’re laying around the house along with my Piedmonts, GMs, Spec 20s to pick up whenever the mood strikes!

Yeppers, I like to say: That before JP Allen, there was David Harp! And they’re both great teachers!

Keep on smiling!

Keep on harpin’!

Thanks for reading!

How do RTR!

Glad you’re here!


Ya, Street Player Dude,

Can you come up with a better name. LOL!!!, Ya David Harp was my first teacher bought 4 or 5 of his books, I wish I could find them because
it looks like I’ll be collecting a whole lot of stuff with this little instrument. Man I’ve never met anyone so addicted to this as you are. I think
I am close behind you though.

I don’t know, I take this instrument pretty seriously while some people think of it as a novelty type of instrument. That’s why I am so determined
to master (probably a bad word) but get as good as I possibly can. I think when I finish over at Harmonicaacademy.com, I want to learn to tongue
block, all the different things you can do with that including playing tunes while adding chords right next to single notes sounds so awesome. Do you know what I mean?

I don’t recall getting the MOJO’s with my instant blues harmonica package.
I got to find all this stuff now and start getting organized I don’t want to lose any of it, you never know when it might come in handy.

I did pick up the book “Harmonica For Dummies” to me it’s a real good book to have around for reference.

Harp On!

Howdy Joe!

Inre: My handle; well I wrote why I use it; and I prefer it over simply Joseph! And I do sign on other places with my Street Player Dude moniker. But if something else pops up, I’ll certainly use it. Any suggestions then, sir?! From you or anyone will be okay. Will all defintiely be taken under advisement and given all the necessary and due consideration it deserves! ::slight_smile:

Inre: Harp Addicted! Yeah, on fire, man! And why not?! I really really want to learn and am not ashamed to admit and/or write about it either! hehe!

Inre: David harp; did you tap the links and see what he has on his websites? You know I had a nice long chat with his associate. He has the websites, yes. But they’re not up-to-date as he’d like them. She said he’s just so busy with his seminars and such, he doesn’t have time for more. I’m still rooting and pulling for him though; he’s on top of my faves list even if he doesn’t know it personally! :wink:

Inre: Mastering this thing. Me too! I’m determined to do so as well. We’re on the same wave lengths there, Mr. Connecticut!

Inre: Harmonica for Dummies! Me too again! Not to mention Steve Baker’s ‘The Harp Handbook’ for the very same reasons. And FYI: He’s still an active member of the Harp-L free to all newsletters and forum as well!! Just thought you’d like to know…