Hey Y'all

Just registered, I’ve played for several years, but have just begun to get serious. I’m a barisita by trade and run a small drive thru coffee shop in Oregon. Cobra comes from the local high school where my kids go and I am an alumni. Geezer is from the fact that my kids think I was born at the same time dirt was invented. Teenagers gotta love em cause you can’t kill em!

By all means:

Welcome & Have Fun Ya’ll Back!! :slight_smile:

“Have Harp, Will Travel!!” 8)

Welcome, you old Geezer! ;D You will have a blast learning the harmonica. Post your progress and ask any question you may have. You will find plenty of friendly help here! Buy, the way,In just a few more years and those teenagers will be saying, Dad You are right. What do you think I should do? (I’ve been where your at)
Happy Harpin’ from ofopos ie Tyson ;D

Hey - teenagers are the same the world over - teenagers are your parents revenge!

There’s an old saying - When I was 18 my dad was SO igrorant - by the time I was 21 it was amazing the amount he had learned!

(I have a 12 year old, a 14 year old eating machine and a 17 year old daughter who knows everything!)

That’s funny fj! ;D I was amased at how smart my Dad became in those few short years! And if I eat like a 14 year old, I be 500lbs.! LOL!

Hey now…I am 17! lol
Best of Luck on your Harpin’ Journey!

The last time my daughter was proclaiming my ignorance. I told her she should run for the office of god when next it is open. As she is already omniscient ;D

That’s a good one. I amy use that one sometime. I have 7 kids ages 25, 22, 20, 17, 12, 9, & 5. I’m sure opportunities will arise where that will come in handy.

Hey Tyson, I’ve been there and back a couple of times. Hey Geezer be nice to those pain-in-the-ass teenagers because in a few short years they 'll be choosing which old age home you’ll be go’in to.


Howdy and welcome, Geezer.
Just wait until they have kids of their own and come down with lackofintelligence themselves.
That’s when they will be more feeling toward the infirmities of the rest of us with geezeritis.
Howdy Barry! My harp journey is doing great, thanks to your advice a good while back. I had forgotten how much fun I had (so many years ago) just playing and learning as I go on instruments. I do so much better (having the basic instruction and even more advanced instruction along the way) just playing and working it.
Hey Geezer, when I was in school as a freshman I thought I knew everything and had the world in hand. As a sophomore, I began to realize that I knew more than any one before me. In my junior year I began to realize that there were some things I did not yet know. But in my senior year I was deadly afraid I would enter the world with little or no knowlege and couldn’t see how I would ever be able to compete in the world. Of course I didn’t let on that I was scared stiff. I’d still walk up to the giants and ask them to fight…praying that none would take me up on it. Little by little, I gained knowlege, training my children so well that by the time they could speak and walk with an attitude, they were certain they knew far more than I. What a nasty cycle that keeps repeating through the generations. LOL (or am I?)

Hey Bob, good to hear about your progress, keep learning and playing (not practice).


Hey Cobra,

welcome to the forum, please let us know if you have any questions or need support.

Your harmonica buddy,