Hi all!

Just wanted to throw out a quick introduction.

I am a total noob when it comes to playing harmonica, unless you count the one week twenty years ago that I listened to and playing along with a Harmonica for Dummies tape for an hour a day. But I’ve always loved old blues and rock and country and bluegrass and… well, all kinds of music I guess. My father has degrees in music theory and was a high school band director for 35 years. He still plays trumpet in his church quintet. So I was raised around music and musicians. I played cornet and then French horn for six years in school. I finally bought a guitar about five years ago and have been playing as much as time allows and have become more proficient than I ever hoped. My expectations were not high.

Anyways, I just inherited my grandfathers old Honer chromonica and thought I would give it a shot. I learned a bunch just by lurking around a guitar forums, so I figured hanging around here couldn’t hurt.

I look forward to learning and I will try to keep the stupid questions to a minimum.

Thanks and glad to be here!


harmonica is an instument that requires knowledge of music theory yet most harmonica playes dont know a lot of theory. Your background is going to help you learn much quicker than most and chances are that you could probably answer a lot of questions for us. Dont be shy about your musical knowledge just help case you are new to harmonica

Howdy and welcome!
My kids had to put up with the same musical trouble from
me as you did with your Dad. After being burned out performing
(I started at 13), I became a band director. The breath support you
learned on cornet will help. Relax and just breathe through the harmonica,
and your reeds will last much longer…plus you will sound and develop
technique better.
No question is dumb…just the guy trying to answer it.