hi every one, newbie

hi, everyone,

my name is rick johnson, i go by lostdawg99 with my close friends. i chose that nick name back in “99”. i’m a football fan of the cleve. browns, thats the year they came back into the league. so from 1995 to 99 i was lost. lol.
well i’m from ohio, and work in a brickyard, as a fireman. been doing this for 35 yrs. it’s extremly hot job. tempatures range from 1’960 degrees to 2’070 degrees. so i have alot of free time on my hands at work when things go pretty smoothly, about 80% of the time.
i aways wanted to play a instument, tried giutars in the past but had a hard time with it, i have short fat fingers had hard time to get my fingers around the neck. so i gave up on that. i had a few harps in the past, but was never really interested in it back then.
but now since i’m so much older and have all that free time on my hands at work. i this would be a great time to learn how to play the harp.
my boys gave me some cash for my birthday a few months ago. i went and bought the peidmont blues set, lol, without knowing i was blowing to hard on the c-harp , with in a week i ruined it, pretty bad. then i started on the others. i was ready to give up again.
then i came across JP’s videos on you-tube. started watching them. got me hooked. so then i went out and bought a “Hot Metal” harp, by hohner. i really like this one.
i went to the local library, and found a book called " idiot’s guide playing the harmonica", by william melton, and randy weinstein.
so i’ve only been playing for a bout a month.

Welcome aboard.

I interviewed at US Brick out in West Texas about 20 years ago. I think it was about 2000 degrees that day.

I’m not surprised to hear you blew out the Piedmont Blues harps. Good harps cost $$$, there is just no getting around that.


Welcome dawg! Glad you found your way into our group!
Piedmonts ARE cheap harps. I bought a set just to have all the keys to play in. They were ok playing in First Position although it took more air than my Special 20’s. I found them IMPOSSIBLE to bend on but I was just learning to bend at that time. The cheapest harp I would recommend to start with is the Special 20. They sell for around $30. Anything lower priced than that are just Chinese toy CRAP (IMO).
Until you can afford JP’s great lessons you can find lots of great lessons on YouTube.
Make a post here WHEN you get stuck. Lots of friendly folks here to help out!

ok PB. sounds good to me. right now i’ve been using hohners hot metal harp. i really want to get that special 20 everybody been talkin about. thanks, lostdawg99

This is kind of sounds like deja vu. I also started with a cheaper harp, then I moved up to the Hot Metal also. I had trouble with the 2 draw and started tinkering with it and ruined it. I found out later it was my technique. There is lots of great help on here from so very helpfull folks. So if you have a problem just ask. I purchased the JP series around Xmas and have improved alot, (there is alot more info than the you tube clips).