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Hey guys. I’m definately new at this and was hoping to learn how to play harmonica. I’ve already got one, though I’m not sure what key its in. Could anyone tell me some of the basics for getting started I definately need some advice. Thanks, Amy.

Howdy Amy!

Welcome Aboard!

How about first letting us know what kind of make your harmonica is?

Hohner or Lee Oskar or… ???

The ‘key’ of the harmonica will either be stamped on the top cover - where the numbers are. Or on one of its sides. I can’t see it, but you can, eh?! :wink:

And start by viewing and practicing with JP Allen and his free youtube vids, emails and everything else you can get your hands on!


And please read through our forum posts on all sorts of related topics. But feel free to ask and comment on anything!

Hope this helps to get you started! :slight_smile:


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Thanks for Reading!

Thanks SPD,
I gave it a pretty good once over but can’t find anything written on the cover or the sides besides that its a Victory. And thanks for the advice that definately helps.

Well I just did some searches on Victory. I believe you’ll find a C somewhere stamped on it.

Keep us posted!

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There probably is, but I just can’t seem to find it lol. Mind you it is very old I just kinda found it in my basement mixed in with all the guitar stuff. Is it a desent brand? Or should I upgrade?

All I can tell you is somebody seems to like them:


Since it’s not big here in the States, am presuming you’re from elsewhere. And the Victory brand is big or at least well known there.

So you’ll have to judge for yourself once you start playing some things on it!

Good luck, eh?

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Ok well for me just trying to learn the basics it should be fine then. I hope lol. Mind you its got like 32 holes total on the thing. And yeah I’m from Canada… and boy is it cold. haha just kidding.

Funny you should say that!

About the harp that is.

I did more research and went over to Pat Missin’s site and found the following:


A) What a monster, eh?

B) Maybe Barry’s next harp after he gets his B-Radical delivered?

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C) Methinks you should actually down grade – And ASAP!

Inre: Cold in Canada

Already? I’m here in the Northeastern US - and it’s like in the higher 70s lower 80s on through the weekend!

But then what’s cold to some is just a heat wave to others too, eh?!


Keep on Harpin’! <<<well when you get yourself something you can play on first…hehehehe!>>>

Wow I didn’t realize I had such a beast. So I’ve got a chromatic? Interesting.
And no I was just joking about the cold its actually pretty darn hot, and very windy.

So I've got a chromatic?

Definitely got something there, Rogue Leader!

Any chance related to Fearless Leader, our hero?!

Haha no sorry.

Hi Amy and welcome. Street Players advice is right on regarding down grading to a 10 hole and viewing JP’s great starting videos, especially the deep mouth

placement of the harp. My best advice to you is to get a harp in the key of C (Hohner Special 20)

and PLAY, PLAY, PLAY, and PLAY some more!


Haha thanks Barry. And will do.

There is nothing wrong with Chromatics! They lend themself much better to learning music than diatonics, considering that it’s easier to understand positions and scales when you have it all in one harp. 32 holes is a bit big though!

I know just what you’re saying WfkG!

I too wish to venture into chromatic harp one day soon. :slight_smile:

What lil sis here was referring to though sounded like a monster of an instrument! :o

Yeah, I’m all up for chromatics - all except for my damn Chrometta 8:


Ugh! :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep On Harpin’ Yo! :smiley:

I’ve got a twelve-holer. A Toots Thielmans Mellow Tone. I can very much recommend this harmonica, very sweet to play :slight_smile:

If I ever need to get another Chromatic, I want the CX12! Anyone here have it?

Well its 16 across and then 2 down making for a total of 32 lol if I confused people. I’ve never understood or bothered to learn scales even for guitar which I’ve been playing for about 5 years. I’m not really looking to get into anything too tricky atleast just yet.

Well W…G!

Here’s what I found about those big chromas…



So methinks RL has something on the order of a tremelo… ::slight_smile:

And your chroma harp choice gets great reviews:


But I myself would like to hear from anybody here who has one also!

Keep On Harpin’!

SPD On The Job!!

Well its 16 across and then 2 down making for a total of 32 lol

Yeppers, Lil Sis!

It’d be a tremolo!

Uh, good luck with that, eh? hehehehe!

But seriously no bullshit aside, yeah, would probably be good to invest a few dollars to get yourself a good 10 Hole Diatonic harmonica.

Which one…Well JP prefers/recommends the Hohner Special 20s for his lessons. And they work out great!

But then you still have to decide for yourself as well!

Keep us posted too though!


SPD On The Job!

Is that what you would recommend ?lol