Hi everyone! :)

Scales are great to know if you want to improvise and make your own melodies, many might disagree with me on this, but I’m a scale-fanatic ;D

What kind of music are you into?

Edit: if you play the guitar you should go with a diatonic and a rack, so you can play both at once!

Double edit: SP20 is probably a great harp to get! Other good choices to fair prices would be Suzukis Pro-Masters, Hohners Blues Harps or a Lee Oskar harmonica. Anything that costs more than 20 bucks and less than 60 is good for starters.

Is that what you would recommend? lol

Well if you were here now, I’d give you one of my spare still in-the-box Spec 20 Cs. {Untouched by any human hands and oh lips of course!} :o

And here’s what JP recommends:


And so I guess in the final analysis, yes, the Hohner Special 20 in C is what I’d recommend! :wink:

Smiles, Yo! :slight_smile:

Ok thanks lol, I’ll keep that in mind and hopefully I’ll go soon. I’ll keep you posted.

If you haven’t already seen this check out this thread about online harmonica dealers.

I have tried musician’s friend and amazon and had good luck with both.

Canada Eh, what’s that like.

I hope to learn guitar one day, I’m guessing knowing that already will help you out. After seeing how hard it was to find anyone that played the harmonica near me I felt I had to stick with it. I can’t even find a teacher. You can’t swing a cat in this town without hitting a guitar teacher. I feel like I have a duty to keep the harmonica alive in Missouri.

Edit: if you play the guitar you should go with a diatonic and a rack, so you can play both at once!

Rogue leader is this you ;D

Bob Dylan - Walkin’ Down the Line Cover

Bob Dylan - It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry Cover

I like this one better ;D

Harp on!!

Yo Joe!

Look closely at that first vid…on top of the dresser in the right top corner! ::slight_smile:

Sure looks a lot like you! :o

Sure it isn’t? Hmmm…just saying! :wink:

hehehehehe… :slight_smile:

laters yo!

Hey, You never know for sure do you ;D

Harp on!!

Um, uh, nope! And I’ll double that…It’s Saturday, Bro!! :smiley:

One Never Knows,Does One Mal Hallett Orchestra

Billie Holiday - One Never Knows, Does One

Hey guys I’m back lol I went to Long and Mcquade the other day and picked up a simple Bluesband in C, finally I can start practicing lol! :slight_smile:

Great News ;D ;D ;D

So give you a couple weeks and you’ll be posting some of your tunes that you learned 8) 8)

Here’s my latest not bad I’ve only been playing for about a week now! (just kidding) :wink:

It took me about a month to learn this song.

Red Wing.wmv

Harp On!!


Does the bossman know you’re using his truck/warehouse as your recording studio?! :o

Not only did I thoroughly enjoy your performance, but also those ‘dancing’ signs and that swinging key chain in the window keeping times with you too! :smiley:

How’d you manage that one, chief? Harken me now back to Merry Melodies cartoons, why dontcha?! mwuahahahaha!! ;D

Keep on Jammin’!

I told you my wife was at work ;D :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: And yes she would have been pissed if she new I got out at 10am ;D
Franchise so if I don’t want to go to work I don’t just no pay, 100 percent commission.
I can’t believe you noticed that dumb key chain ::slight_smile:

Harp on!!


A) Now I know what you meant when you said you had to get up out of the chair! hehehe!

B) I notice Everything! mwuahahahaha!


Welcome back, lil sis!

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By all means keep us posted!

Good Luck!


Keep On Harpin’!