Hi everyone! :)

Hi everyone!
I’m Jan, (pronounced yawn), a typical 21 year old living in Germany. I moved back here, (I was born here) on March 7th 2012 after living in NC USA for most of my life.
As much as I’d like to say I’ve been playing for years, I’ve only been playing for just a few months. I picked up playing harmonica because my best friend of 17 years plays blues guitar, and always trying to get me involved in whatever he’s doing (good and bad haha) he tossed me a harmonica and suggested I should take it up. At first I just took it as a complete joke, but after learning just the very VERY bare minimum and doing some half ass jam sessions, I kind of caught the harmonica playing bug :slight_smile:
My main reason for playing though, is that I’ve experienced some very hard times in the past year, and even though I’m just a complete beginner, playing harmonica makes me feel like I can totally express myself, and makes me feel so much better. My mother passed away 2 days before my birthday on November 27, 2011, and shortly after that I had to leave everything I knew behind and start new here in Germany. With plenty of time on my hand, and more than enough blues I’ve found the harmonica to be my only friend these past few months, and it’s been keeping me plenty of company :slight_smile:
Now that all the sad stuff is outta the way, this site is just amazing! I will be posting ALOT of “how to” questions if I can’t already find the answers, so any experienced players I would be soooo grateful if you could give me hand! I’ve read plenty of comments, and everyone here is so friendly, I look forward to meeting all of you!

Thanks for hearing my story, and thanks a ton in advance :slight_smile:


Sounds good, glad you joined us!


Welcome Jon! You’ve found new friends here. We will help all we can. There are some great pros here but most of us are just like you… addicted to learning this great little instrument. 8)