Hi Everyone!

My name is Heath. I live in Illinois outside a couple hours outside of Chicago in a rural area. I really love the lessons because I feel this is the first time I have picked up and instrument and can actually make decent music with it. I only know one scale on the piano, that’s the blues scale. Just started playing about a month or so ago, and I just finished the lessons on bending. JP mentions a bending DVD… where can I find this bending DVD?

Howdy Heath! Welcome to the forum.
I’m sure glad you’re having a good start with harmonica.
What harmonica are you using so far?
I don’t know if the bending DVD is sold separately, but you
get the bending lessons with JP’s DVD lesson set. I’m sure
you will get plenty out of the set. Bending is important
on diatonics, but there are many other aspects to harmonica
playing you can learn here as well.
Let us know how you are doing, and tell us what harmonica
gear you are using right now.
You WILL get GAS; that is if you haven’t already come down
with the symptoms (Gear Acquisition Syndrome).


Hi! I started out on the piano too, but I can barely play anything! I’d like to learn to play guitar, but for now I can only play the harp! What kind of harmonica do yoou have? :slight_smile:

Howdy Heart! Welcome to the forum.
I saw you are playing “I’ll Fly Away.” Are you a Gospel music fan?
If so, check out my favorite on diatonic, the late Terry McMillan.
I believe you will like him. You can find some youtube videos.
As for me, I play mostly Hohner Golden Melody harmonicas (diatonic
that is). I play chromatics too. I have Hohners and Seydel.
How is the harmonica coming along? Are you getting into other
position playing yet?


I’m not a huge gospel fan, but I’ll look him up later! I have a Hohner Bluesband key of C. I’ve always used Hohners, I actually got into harmonicas when my dad gave me his tiny old Hohner! I really want a Special 20 though. :smiley: