Hi Everyone


I have had an interest in learning a musical instrument for a while now. Im 25 and have decided that the Harmonica is where i want to begin. I don’t grasp the whole music thing very well and i hear that the Harmonica is one of the easier instruments to learn. Although i know it is still going to be tough.

I love the sound it makes and i like that i can play solo on my own and still sound great. Im heading out this afternoon to hopefully buy my first harmonica.

I was just wondering briefly if anyone has any particular material they reccomend someone like my to buy, like books or ebooks etc. I am a complete beginner and will be starting from the very bottom. I have never even held a harmonica. Although my Grandfather whom i never met was pretty well known in the local areas as the old guy that walked his sheepdog through the hills playing on his harp. So im hoping he passed something down to me ;D.

Thanks in advance, and its great to be here.

This gave me the knowledge to tell a friend.

Plis somebody teach me for how to play cold fix you for harmonica tremolo 40 holes
the chords for that song really help
Thank you :slight_smile: :-*