Hi from Alabama

Hi , this looks like a great forum! I’ve always loved the sound of a harmonica. Finally decided to get serious. Went to the only music store in my town, they had a pocket pal and something made in China, and a Hohner Blues Harp MS. Guess which I got? The Hohner, but now I see it’s not as easy to learn on as some others. I am gonna use it though cause I love the sound. Total newbie here.

Welcome to the zoo. I’m also a newbie but it’s a great group of people that post here. You’ll find lots of support and help.


from what I have read you picked a decent harp to start on. The biggest issue is to not have a bottom of the barrel harp that is difficult/impossible to bend on so your ahead of the game. You will find lots of help and encouragement on this forum. Best of luck to your journey with the harmonica.

Thanks, I need all the help I can get! It’s gonna be fun…

what part of bama r u from? I have relatives around Haleyville.

I live in Cullman

Hello, Retro! Welcome
As long as you remember that this is fun, you’ll be fine. 2-cents…My first harp was/is a Hohner Blues Harp MS
Which means modular system, just in case you haven’t figured that out.
For me as a beginner, I found that I slobbered alot. Then the harp started to stink! ewh! Seems that Hohner does not seal these combs. For about the same money there are other harps with plastic combs that really help as a beginner. Check out RockinRonsMusic4Less for free shipping.
Now after awhile I learned to not slobber as much and have gone back to wood combs, I prefer Seydel 1847’s. That’s just my choice. You may like something else. It’s all up to you and what suits you. Just 2-cents. ;D
Thank You for reading.

Welcome to the party! (Kinda ;D)
Best of Luck on your harpin’ journey!

Thanks all, I took the plunge and ordered JP’s package yesterday!

hey retro welcome to the forums. you are going to love JP’s dvd bundle.

Your on your way, your gonna love it take your time going through it.

Its jam packed with good lessons.

Oh by the way welcome to the forum.

And good luck on your harmonica journey.

Harp On!!

The Hohner Blues Harp MS is my personal favorite. I love the tone, how it feels in my mouth, and the taste. I hate the taste of plastic combs. Esspecially those Piedmont Blues, love the harp, hate the taste. ;D But the Blues Harp MS is one of the better harps. Don’t get any non MS though, a pain to take apart, and even more so to put back together, because they have nails instead of screws. And they wear out quickly too.

Hey retro,

My favored is the Special 20…

glad you joined up…keep us posted.

Your harmonica buddy,