Hi from Aussie currently in China

Hi there,

I’m Geoff from Tasmania, Australia. I’m currently in China and have been working through JP’s Happy Harpin Harmonica Made Easy DVDs on and off for a few months now. I only practice when I’m alone, so as not to annoy anyone and am slowly making progress. I have started on JP’s Complete Play Along At Home Video lessons the last couple of days and have found a couple of things he taught on the other DVDs which I had either forgotten or hadn’t mastered, so I’m pretty happy about that. I am simply wanting to learn for fun and tried many years ago and gave up. JP’s methods are absolutely fantastic and I am totally committed to continue this time around until I have it mastered. I have even been able to bend some notes which I’m pretty chuffed about also. There are so many situations I would love to be able to pull out my harmonica and play along for the enjoyment of those around me. Some time in the future when I have got it together, I’m sure it will become a reality.

Good onya mate, I have only just started but that is my goal to, lots of situations call for some music, eg. kicking back around the camp fire and smashing out some tunes, sounds good

Hey Geoff - you’re here for the same reason I am - just to learn to play for the enjoyment of it. Personally, I want to learn blues and gospel. Folk and rock are ok but there’s just something in the blues and gospels that strums a chord in my heart. I haven’t been playing now for a couple of weeks and need to get back into it - doing Happy Harpin’ and just love his obvious love of the harmonica and helping people. Brightens my day - especially on particular rough days lately as I’ve gotten into some bad physical issues and can’t play.

I also kinda got lost in the shuffle with getting dentures so playing toothless stinks - especially when trying to get further into the lessons but can’t lip block (can tongue block some tho) but I wanna learn it the “right” way so I don’t have to unlearn bad habits.

Welcome aboard from a beginning beginner :slight_smile:

Harpin’ Doje