Hi from Australia

Well the time has come. I have had “learn to play the harmonica” on my wish list for over 20 years but just recently transferred this over to my bucket list. I can blame the lack of time due to business commitments or maybe family commitments but I am sure it comes down to procrastination.

I have a Lee Oskar C harmonica I purchased about 5 years ago but the time has come to hop on the bus and start the journey into the world of being a harmonica player.

I have the harp, JP’s course arrived today, and have a number of books, CD’s, DVD’s, registered on the forum so wish me luck

There is no looking back so any advice would be greatly appreciated.


I wish you great luck, Keith!

And if I’m not mistaken there are a few Aussies here on the forum too.

If you’re in the general vicinity of each other - Well, you’ve just started your very own harmonica group!!

Have fun!

And keep on harpin’ mate!

Hi Keith,

Welcome to the greatest show on earth.

This is an excellent place for you to be especially because you got JP’s course.

Take your time with it. I’ve done it, I think it took me, if I remember about 8 months
and I think I rushed it.

I think there’s quite a few people here who have that same course or have finished it.

Also JP’s popping in and out of here so you’ll be able to ask questions and get good timely responses,
from him or a lot of knowledgeable members here.

And I know there’s at least one Aussie here from The Gap, Queensland. His name is Dave and he’s
very friendly guy willing to help, and offer you some of his experiences learning this wonderful instrument.
He’s helped me out a lot over the last year. Excellent player also.

Good luck and your on your way and like a good buddy of mine always tells me mostly have fun ;D

Harp ON!!

Thanks Joe,

The Gap is only a 20 minute drive from my place so I am sure we will be in contact at some stage. Its great to have this sort of support available.

Thanks for the welcome Street Player


You’ll probably here from Dave shortly, but he may be on one of his excursions he does a fair bit of traveling.

In when he travels he says in his words “i only got a dinky little computer” so he may be in and out of reception.

Harp on!!

Hi Keith. Thanks Joe. I sent you a message Keith re my contact details.

The harmonica at times can be frustratingly difficult ie development happens in spurts & then you hit a wall. But with the help and support of other players, like on this community, it gives you more incentive to keep plugging away.

One thing that has helped me is that if I am struggling with one part of a song or one technique I move on to something else. I have noticed when I come back to the other thing later that most of the time it is a lot easier for me to learn.

One of the struggles I had was the quick half notes in the last part of My Country Tis of thee. I went on and learned the next song in the little hohner manual that was When the Saints go Marchin’ In, and when I went back to My country I could do the quick notes.

Hope that helps you at some point along the way.

Welcome Keith good luck & have fun no point other wise I have not been playing very long but I totally love it its not an easy instrument to master but nothing worth while is…harp on Keith. :slight_smile:

Hi pjd,

Good to hear from you and thanks for the encouragement. I am determined to keep going and master this little instrument.


welcome Keith,
Good luck with your harp playing :wink:

Hey Keith! I’m new here as well. I hope you have better luck than me in starting. I too have just came back to the harmonica. My break though was shorter (1 year). Good luck!

My break though was shorter (1 year).

Wow Ace er hey my name is [classified] - for you that could be almost 1/10 or 1/12 slice of your whole life so far. :o

Gee, I wish the fractions of things I did in my own life were as short again. :frowning:

Well anyways: Smiles!

Keep on Harpin’!

Thanks Hotrod & Ace,

Sorry I didn’t get back earlier but been a little busy. Just back into the practice and managing 1 hr a day for the last 5-6 days so hope I can keep it up. It’s not getting any easier but I am sure this will improve as time goes on. Keep the comments coming on the forum it’s particularly great for us newcomers.

Hey Keith,

Hope your practice is fun because if your having fun
then it will be fun! and you will practice more.

Not that you need more than an hour a day, that should be plenty to see
improvements :wink:

Look for small improvements every day ;D

I like to work on my speed at lot doing different scales to the tic or beat
of a metronome bring the speed up :-\

Get yourself some short term or long term goals if you haven’t already :smiley:

Sounds to me like your doing find. Oh and record yourself playing maybe
simple tunes, that also helps you get better :smiley:

Harp on!!