Hi from Brisbane, Australia

Hi everyone, I just got my JP Allen Harmonica package in the mail, and am looking forward to getting into it. I’m up to DVD2 now (Harmonica Core Essentials) and am having a lot of fun with it.

A friend gave me a harmonica last year, and since then I’ve wanted to learn to play it. I’m glad I’ve discovered this course and this forum. Cheers from Australia.

Welcome! Let us know if we here on the forum can help you progess!

Howdy and welcome.
You will find a great bunch of friends here.

G’day, 13eleven…er uh 19sixteen…er um 14twelve! Yay!!

Phew! I knew I’d get it right eventually – But better sooner rather than later, eh? 10-4!!

Was telling myself just the other day as a matter of fact – What this forum needs around here is…wait for it: More Aussies!!

Can never have enough fine members from Down Under here, eh?! Roger-D!!

Guess watching what lil ole me asks for and getting that wish granted – Well, it’s certainly all good, I must say!!


Have fun!



Keep On Harpin’!

Peace & SPD Out!!

Thats right SPD! The more Aussies the better!
Best of Luck on your Harpin’ Journey!


Hi and welcome to the forum 14 twelve good luck to you and you got a great start with JP’s bundle
let us know if we can help on your harmonica journey.

Harp On!!

Hi 14twelve,

Welcome to the forum. I am also in Brisbane and if I can assist at any time please let me know. I have JP’s bundle and working my way through and having fun on the way. It a great place here so feel free to ask questions to help you on the journey. Have a great ANZAC day.


G’Day 14twelve,

Welcome. your’e going to love it here as well as the course.

I also come from your neck of the woods. I’m about 2 hrs NE near a town called Kingaroy.

Hi all, thank you so much for such a warm welcome! It was lovely coming back here today and seeing all your messages. I think I’m going to enjoy it here :slight_smile:

I’m still very much a beginner, so I don’t have a lot to contribute yet. I’ve got to the end of the “Harmonica Core Essentials” DVD, so I’ve got a lot to practice now before I move on.

Thanks again for all your messages!